The Journey

What a weekend. 
We helped Laura to move out over the weekend.  
We loaded up the car on Saturday morning - did I say she had a lot of  things - 'cause she really does :))  
We had to do another journey  through on the Sunday with the car again fully loaded!!!!

We then did the two and a  half hour journey to Dundee. Quite an uneventul journey despite taking two wrong turnings and getting stuck in a traffic jam. 
We even managed to stop for a very nice coffee and scone in a wee coffee shop in  Auchterarder  - that was definitely worth stopping for - so delicious!!!

Anyway on Saturday we finally got there at around 2.30pm. Laura let us in to her new flat and I have to say they have done very well - it is lovely. 
I will try and find some pictures of it that are tidy - there are lots of boxes lying around. 
On Sunday the journey through was a bit better with no traffic jams or wrong turnings, lol. 

Does anybody else find travelling extremely boring, 'cause I do!!! Just as well I had my point and shoot with me I did manage take some pictures of the journey -
 the pictures are pretty poor though. Remember we were travelling at about 60mph!!!

Lots and lots of fields.

The traffic jam!!!

Stirling Castle in the distance.  We plan on doing a visit there in the not to distant future.

I love this church peeking out between the trees.

 We also had a wee companion travelling with us.

Let me introduce you to James!!!

James belongs to Laura and she has had him since she was born, a present from her Gran (Dan's mum).
Laura really loves James and when she was a wee girl he went everywhere with her.  I can't tell you the number of times when we were at my mum's house and she would forget him.  We had to search everywhere for him and then my mum would telephone with the news that he was with her.  We had to tell Laura that he was on holiday with her until the next day and that she would take good care of him before we could settle her at bedtime. 
Ah memories!!!! 

Anyway I was charged with looking after him.  Here he is enjoying the journey sitting beside me. 
How cute is that :))

 Ok, enough silliness for today :))  

I wanted to put a post up today since I haven't posted since Friday.  I'm sorry if I haven't been to visit I was really tired when we got home. I will definitely get around to it today after work.


Cheryl said…
James has a well loved look to him, what a lovely driving companion :) Glad all went well and Laura is well settled in :) x
Sandra said…
You drove past some nice scenery on your drive! Poor you in that traffic jam, though it gave a good photo! You can tell that James has been well-loved! I like the way he went along on the journey with you!
Have a great week. Sandra
tinajo said…
Oh my - have you been busy or what! Traffic jams are just awful, I always get stressed by that though it luckily doesn´t happen that often. :-)
Sheila said…
The only part of that journey I would find boring is the traffic jam , such lovely scenery :-)Beautiful!!!
Jill said…
I think your pictures are really lovely! Well, except that traffic jam made me squirm. Hate those. I love to read in the car but haven't been able to do that since my divorce! ha!

I wish your daughter well. I think James is a darling companion!
TexWisGirl said…
the views are gorgeous! even if they were all while driving!

i love james. i have a reddish-brown teddy bear that i have had since i was an infant.
Jane said…
I loved this post, talk about someone being "away", that is me. I think I am back…
Loved the idea you were in charge of James, not only that but you took the time to include him in your post. I am very sentimential with things like old teddy bears or items kids can't live without. Glad to know Laura moved and wanted James to follow!

I found your travel journey entertaining. I like seeing different country sides. I like to travel. Some people think I don't like to, but I really do.

How far away did Laura move from you in Miles?

I have not traveled to any big place for over 10 years. I usually do small trips that I enjoy. However in June of 2013 I am going to IRELAND, with two girlfriends. My husband only does road trips now.

Fiona said…
Hi Ellie

Your photos are great even if they are taken at 60mph!

I am wondering if you are lonely today for lovely Laura?
I am sure the house seems empty.

I am like you and don't like travelling by car, always get bored and would be even worse looking at that traffic jam!

I have given you an award, even though I know that you are award free
I think you deserve it.

Have a lovely week and no tears now!

I suspect the entire traffic jam was caused by people relocating their daughters (I suspect for educational reasons). Both my oldest nieces were relocated at the weekend and my daughter too (though her mother did that).
In you position as photographer, I trust you weren't the driver >.<
Maple Lane said…
Such grand views you have shared. So beautiful. The teddy is sweet as can be. Glad you had safe travel.
Paul said…
Laura's attachment to James reminds me of how often Kate would misplace her teddy. He would go everywhere with us and could tell some stories. I wrote a song about him that I must share some time. Must get Lea to record me singing it. Look forward to keeping in touch now we are settled and wired up!
DIMI said…
Hi Ellie!I love to travel!And i adore castles!!Have a lovely week my dear!
Lisa Gordon said…
I am so glad to hear Laura got settled in, Ellie. A wonderful new adventure.

I don't find traveling boring at all, but I'll bet my husband does, since I always make him stop here and there so I can take photos! :-)

LOVE James!!
Rohrerbot said…
Hey sometimes you have to make the trip fun and James is your fun bear to go to:) So my secret to looooong boring road trips? I plan out the route and make sure we make fun little stops at places where we can step out and explore. We are going to Colorado Springs down the road and I have so many ideas for stops:) Should be fun:)
I happy for you that you have the move behind you. James looks like he is having a great time.
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
I can understand the feeling for the traffic jam. But I am sure I would enjoy the ride with that great scenery(*^_^*)
James is so lovely♡♡♡
Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*
ZielonaMila said…
Beautiful photographs, views of hills are fantastic. I am greeting
that is SO cute that laura still has her FIRST teddy bear!! i wish i still had ny little lamb!!

traffic jam...ugh!
but beautiful scenery along the way!

congrats again to laura & her new flat!!
Do not apologise Ellie, the real world is far more important you know that really. I actually do not mind travelling if it means I can see new places, but I do know what you mean about tedious travel. Glad your daughters move went well.
Pat MacKenzie said…
I enjoy travelling - good thing too because we're always on the road going someplace. I perked up when you mentioned Laura moving to Dundee. My daughter, Emily, spent a year in Dundee after high school, working and exploring. She quite enjoyed it and I always said I'd have to go over there and see it myself.
Buttons said…
Oh James looks contented:) glad all went well. B
Dianna said…
Aw, how sweet that James is accompanying your daughter to her new home. My son, Marshall, had an embroidered quilt that my aunt and cousin made for him. He carried it everywhere too!
It's good to hear Laura is settled in her new place. Your photos are wonderful (even at 60mph!)
Love James - how cute!
Rose said…
Our drive to visit Lorelei at her home is 1 hr. 45 min--we take back roads a big part of the way so isn't quite so boring...but now have seen that route so many times that it is sort of boring.

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