A Little Bit of Friday Greenery

Well instead of it being Green Friday it is rather a grey friday.  It is rather dull and rainy here today. I so much prefer the lovely bright sunny autumn mornings.

Anyway remember that walk we took last weekend to pick brambles? - well I took lots of pictures and some of them fitted nicely into Fiona @ Raindrops and Daisys link up Green Day.

So I thought I'd post some of them.

The trail we took is called The Smugglers Trail and it covers quite a long distance.  We only did a tiny wee bit of it and it is quite a lovely walk.  
I don't think I've done a post on the Smugglers Trail before but I will have to check  and if I haven't I will find out more details and write a post about it  'cause it is quite interesting.  It goes back many, many years when goods were smuggled in and transported up the trail.  
I bet you can't wait for it now :))

Anyway on to the pictures.

 I actually wish I had sat in this seat because it was so peaceful - all you could hear was birdsong and it is such a lovely view.  Maybe next time I will!!

Click on Fiona's link to see lots more green pictures!!!

It's Friday, yay - you all know how I love a friday.  
We had a holiday weekend last weekend so the surgery was closed on friday and monday.  
Well sometimes you wonder if it is worth having days off work because this week it has been madness. We were SOOOO busy and it was very stressful.  But never mind after today I can chill for two whole days before going back.

Have a great weekend everybody!!!


Giga said…
Posiedziałabym na tej ławce, patrzyła na piękne widoki . Pozdrawiam.
Posiedziałabym on the bench, looking at the beautiful views. Yours.
Rose said…
You should link this to Friday's fences as well...I love the shots. The last three are really appealing.
Daphne Bryson said…
Hello Ellie, What lovely Autumn photos....the sign Smugglers Trail is intriguing, looking foward to hearing about it. When I was working, I simply loved Friday night, two whole days to look forward to without work! Enjoy yours. Best Wishes Daphne
Beyond Zephyr said…
Beautiful photos and very nice to see!
Debbie said…
really beautiful images!!
Buttons said…
Oh Ellie I want to go there that would be a marvelous hike. B
Lisa Gordon said…
This looks like a great place for a camera, Ellie!
Very gray here too, and LOTS of rain, but I guess we do need it.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
TexWisGirl said…
the gate shot and the last photo are just gorgeous!!!
Bev said…
It may be grey...buts it's beautiful!
Betty Manousos said…
dear ellie, these are really gorgeous images!
and very refreshing too.

wish you a great weekend!
Karen said…
Oh, I would have parked my butt on that bench for a long time! Great shots!
DIMI said…
Great images!!Look so peacefull!!Have a nice weekend Ellie!
Emily Sovich said…
That looks like such a lovely place to sit!

Enjoy your weekend!
✿ chica said…
Adorei o portão!!beijos,nice weekend!beijos,chica
eileeninmd said…
Hello Ellie, lovely shots of the trail and countryside. I love the shot of the bench. Have a wonderful weekend!
Lisa said…
What is it about a field, and a gate?? So entrancing!
Lucinha said…

This places look so peaceful!
Your photos are great.
Lea said…
With the peaceful scenery and relaxing atmosphere, I can imagine myself sitting on that bench, too. :)
ZielonaMila said…
I like such green spaces and forest paths. I am greeting
i like the name, 'smugglers trail'...looks like a perfect place to wander!
Kayla said…
I love the picture with the gate....it feels like if I walked through it...I would be in another world....much more relaxing than this one!
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
Wow, what beautiful pictures and peaceful place♡♡♡ I love the name 'smugglers trail' as well(*^_^*) Wish I could stroll around this area☆☆☆
Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*
What a lovely place to take a walk.
This looks like a great place to walk and I definitely would have sat on the bench....we heard a Mockingbird singing on our morning walk...he sounded so happy.
Mama Bear
Maria Luiza said…
Lindas imagens! Amei seu blog! Grande abraço!
Looks like a lovely walk, but I'm not so sure how the smugglers would take to having their trail so well signposted!

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