An Award

I was recently nominated for an award by Dianna from These Days Of Mine.

The award is called  the 'Thinking Of You Award'.  Thank you so much Dianna - I really appreciate you 'thinking of me' I am very flattered.

Dianna has a lovely blog, she recently posted pictures of some wild horses on the beach and her pictures are truly lovely.  She also does really wonderful sunset/sunrise pictures. You should go and have a look for yourself.

Now the rules to this award are as follows:
  • Link back to the sender
  • Tell seven things that I love and that I think about daily
  • Pass the award to seven other blogs.
 Now the seven things that I love and think about daily - I will need to think about this.

So in no particular order:

1.  My lovely hubby and my three girls - that has definitely got to be my number one.  Do you think that scored me any brownie points with them, lol.

2.  My mum and dad and two sisters.

3. The way my girls lives are turning out - they are all moving onto the next stage in their lives, I'm so proud of them :))

4.  Friends and that includes you :))

5.  Now believe it or not but I think daily about what I can put up for a post on my blog - does anybody else do that or am I just a wee bit strange!!!

6.  Now I definitely don't love this one but I am always thinking about what exercise I need to do. I really do wish I loved exercise but I think I am a lazy person at heart :))

7. What exciting things are going to happen next. 

I hope that list is ok!!!

Now to pass on to seven other bloggers.  I hope this isn't a cop out but I never pick bloggers for this because I just don't know who to pick. So as usual I will leave it open to anybody who wants to join in. 

Feel free to visit anybody who comments or is a follower they are all lovely people :))

Thanks once again Dianna.


Jill said…
Congrats, Ellie!
TexWisGirl said…
i prepare all of my posts ahead of time and schedule them so i don't have to think 'that day'. :)

congrats, dear ellie! i like that you were one of 3 girls and you now have 3 girls of your own. :)
DIMI said…
Congrats dear Ellie!!Have a lovely week my dear!!
Roan said…
Congratulations, well deserved. Yes, I think of posting every day. I'm always on the lookout for something interesting to post. In this area, middle of nowhere Illinois, that isn't easy. ;)
Jane said…
I agree yes I think we all think of what we could. or should or want to blog. For me it gets very overwhelming as I can't find the right photo, etc. Then I procrastinate. I love all your posts, and I am glad that you choose to think about it, and actually DO IT.
Kay G. said…
And I truly love your idea of having that award open to anyone!
I just had to choose people to give my sunshine award to, and I realized I wanted to give it to all the bloggers that I know!
ZielonaMila said…
Great congratulations and cordial greetings.
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
Congratulations on your another award♡♡♡
Oh, I DO need to think about what or how I should write my post and also looking for the topic, p;)

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*
Good for you Ellie. Yes I think about posts too but unlike you I tend to only post every couple of weeks or so, depending on how the brain is going.
Have a nice week.
Well done on your award.

Your cop out at the end seems very acceptable to me. It's always best not to rank people.
Dianna said…
Great list, Ellie! I, too, think about my blog everyday, and am always looking for a topic to write about!
Anonymous said…
I like your list, Ellie! Congrats!
Lisa Gordon said…
Congratulations Ellie, and so truly well-deserved.
It is always such a pleasure to visit you here.
Congratulations on the award!! Everyday I think about what I will put on my blog too, I think a lot of blogger probably do that too.
Congratulations on your award, lovely thoughts Ellie, I will pass on your offer as I my blogs are award free zones. :)
Rose said…
Always interesting to read what you choose to tell about yourself...or any blogger for that matter. they are some of my favorite posts to read.
Anna said…
Congrats Ellie! Your sweetness always shows :)
Dianna said…
Ellie, Just a note to let you know that I've nominated you for MORE awards in today's post!
Betty Manousos said…
congrats, ellie, for the well deserved award.
loved your answers.
and it was a pleasure getting to know you better.
you're truly awesome!

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