The Tale of Elephants and Tangled Hair

Karen, Emma and I went shopping in Glasgow yesterday.  
We decided to catch the train - a much more relaxing way of getting there than driving. I find driving in Glasgow just a wee bitty stressful and I don't like feeling stressed :))

Nobody bought very much but we did a fair bit of window shopping. 

I just had to put this picture up.  
If you been reading my blog you will know that I just love elephants (for some strange reason unknown to me or anybody else!!)  
This elephant was outside of Hamleys Top Shop in The Enoch Centre - isn't he just the cutest. :))
I did ask the girls to go and stand beside him but neither of them would do it, hmmmph!!!

We really enjoyed out girl's day out but came home feeling very tired - there was a reason for this though.

On Sunday night Emma's friend (who is training to be a hairdresser) came around and decided she wanted to do Emma's hair.  Now Emma has very long, thick hair and it is her crowning glory - you just know where I am going with this don't you?  
Well, they got a smallish round brush and decided to wind her hair right up to the top of her scalp onto this brush and blow dry it.  As you can probably guess it got completely stuck.  Her hair was totally tangled - what a mess!!!!

So between Karen, Danny and myself we spent 4 hours - yup I said FOUR hours untangling her hair. 
I did think at one point we were going to have to cut it out but we eventually managed to untangle it.  
We were up until 2am in the morning doing this!!!

  Poor Emma had a very sore scalp and head and it was sore all day yesterday. 
I think a good lesson was learned though - never use to small a brush on long hair. 

Let me tell you there is never a dull moment in our house, there is always something exciting happening to keep us on our toes.


TexWisGirl said…
i am laughing at the hair tangle! yikes, though!
Rose said…
I can't even laugh...just feel her pain!

(You could have went and stood by the elephant and let them take a photo of you!)
Bev said…
Poor girl!! and I love the elephant!!
Debbie said…
i remember that you love elephants!

and yikes on that hair mishap, poor thing...but i am glad you did not have to cut her hair!!
Jill said…
Darling elephant!

Poor Emma and poor you! What a nightmare.
Anonymous said…
What a nightmare for sure! My hair is waist length and I've done something very similar myself using one of those electric curling brush things. I cried.
Bless Emma's poor heart. Glad you all got it out without having to cut it.
Rohrerbot said…
What a cute elephant:) My mother called the tangled hair you describe as a spiders nest:) Now think about the story you'll have everytime you think about incident:)
Anna said…
Hi Ellie,
The shopping trip sounds mighty fun and the hair adventure.... not so much! One of those stories that will be re-told years from now when Emma's long hair is long gone.
Have a super week and hide those small hairbrushes :)
Lea said…
My two aunts will relate to this post. One is a fan of elephants, saying it is good luck. The other also got her hair tangled when she used a small brush on her hair. Her hair is short... but really curly!
Nancy Claeys said…
Oh, ouch! I've done that with hot rollers. No fun.
Lisa Gordon said…
I cannot help but smile, as I had this happen to me!
I am glad she did not have to cut her hair.
ZielonaMila said…
Wonderful photograph, elephants are fantastic. I am greeting
DIMI said…
What a lovely story Ellie!!Im feel so sorry for Emma!Wish you a lovely night!
Renae said…
Oh dear, such a concern!!!

Please know I appreciate your kind and thoughtful words. I thought a picture at this point was appropriate.

thank you!
Betty Manousos said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Betty Manousos said…
dear ellie, i'm sorry...i have to rewrite my comment after i re-read your post.
i am so glad that emma did not have to cut her hair.

i just feel her pain...
Riet said…
That shopping trip sounds great, I also don't like to drive in the big cities. Oh my that tangles hair, I can feel the pain.
EG CameraGirl said…
How come my scalp hurts when it was Emma's hair being pulled? Lesson learned for sure!
Poor Emma, I hope her scalp is okay now. I love the photo of the elephant, really cute.

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