Oh Crumbs!!!!

Crumbs - that can only mean one thing.

I've been eating something really tasty :))

Maybe I should start at the beginning - well I would but I forgot to take some pictures as I started.  
Doh, silly me!!!  
You would think I would know by now to always take pictures!!!

I decided I wanted to make some empire biscuits. Yup you read that right - I made them, not Karen. It's not often I get let loose in my own kitchen to bake but today I did.

Anyway you mix together 225g  (7oz) butter, 100g  (4oz) of granulated sugar and 250g (8oz) plain flour and then add around 60ml (4 tbsp) of milk. 

Then you roll that out on a floured worktop. Cut out some round pastry shapes with your pastry cutter.

Then cook in the oven at 180oC/350oF/ Gas4 for 10 minutes. 
Leave to cool completely.

Sandwich two of the biscuits together with lovely jam in the middle.
Make some lovely glace icing with some icing sugar and a few spoonsfuls of warm water. 
Cover the top of the biscuits with the icing. 

And then the best bit - a jelly tot on the top :))

Et voila!!!  Empire biscuits.

All of that lovely buttery, jammy and sugary goodness.  
Get in my tummy, lol.

Oh well there goes my diet for yet another day.  
But it was really tasty :))

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TexWisGirl said…
ellie! you are a terrible influence! my sweet tooth just kicked in to overdrive! :)
Rohrerbot said…
Now that looks awesome:) A little glass of milk or coffee.....and yum!
Tracy Wood said…
Beautiful cookies! I can tell by those little crumbs that they were super buttery and moist. I can smell them from here!
tinajo said…
Wow - I´m almost drooling! :-)
Debbie said…
WoW-zers Ellie, they look amazing!!!
Woof! Woof! DELISH! TASTY! Happy Rural n This or That Thursday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar
emmy said…
I absolutely love these photos ellie! :) excellent, and from first hand experience (guess who i am :P ) they are the yummiest things ever!! c'est beau!
Oh yeah- I could eat those all day long.
Jill said…
I have officially declared your blog as dangerous! I want some of those! :)
This post is so cute, I love it. If I had those biscuits I would only have crumbs left too.
Anonymous said…
Yum Yum Yum!!! I want to make these :)
Mary said…
Those look delicious...and pretty.
ZielonaMila said…
Cookies look beautiful and probably are tasty. I am greeting
JipetSun said…
That looks so yummyyyy !! Great Post :D Thanks for passing by too
Lea said…
That looks yummy!
DIMI said…
Hi Ellie!I love your biscuits !!So delicious!!Wish you a nice weekend my friend!
Nancy Claeys said…
Not only are these as pretty as can be, I'm sure they taste awesome!

Thanks for sharing at RT this week, Ellie. xo
Lea said…
Oh my that looks yummy! I also love the idea of the jelly on top, extra taste and nice design. Now I know why there are crumbs :)
Rose said…
You are making me hungry!!!!!
Bev said…
yummy... I don't think I would of left any crumbs!!!

We avoid temptation by not making such delicious looking treats. :)
Kerri said…
Oh Yum!!! those look FABULOUS!
Buttons said…
Oh I really want one of these now. You live just a little to far away darn it:) B
Oh my gosh, how yummy they look!
Giga said…
Wygląda smakowicie i pewno takie było, bo zostały okruchy. Pozdrawiam.
It looks delicious, and certainly this was that had been crushed. Yours.
Pat MacKenzie said…
They look lovely. Thanks for posting the recipe along with the pics.
Lisa Gordon said…
Mmmmm, these look so yummy, Ellie!
Happy Sunday to you!
Jane said…
Yep the recipes are surfacing for fall and winter, when one likes to partake in the sweet lovely "crumbs". Sounds so great, the photos are super, and yes I printed it. Thanks Ellie...

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