The Beach Walk

 Today I decided I really needed to buy myself a new pair of trainers - my mum and dad gave me some money for my birthday so that was their treat to me. 

Thanks Mum and Dad :))
So I walked into town had a look and found a good deal on my shoes. 
They are Sketchers Pro TR Shape Ups.  
Apparently they give you shapely legs!! 
Well, I'm all for that. 
We will just have to see how long it takes. I'll keep you informed and if they get really shapely and lovely I may even post a picture. 
Don't hold your breath though, lol.
Anyway, after I purchased my shoes I thought I'd walk home via the beach. 
 It was quite a nice day and really warm in the sun.
I'd brought my wee point and shoot with me so I snapped some pictures.

I love watching the waves coming in - it's very peaceful.

 There were plenty of birds there as well, I think this one was enjoying paddling his feet in the water :))

There were some wind surfers out too - you can just about see one in the distance there.

Here he is a wee bit closer.

 I really enjoyed my wee donner (walk) home it was very pleasant and relaxing:)
One thing I have noticed is that the brambles are starting to appear - I think that means that autumn might be just around the corner. 

Where did the summer go?

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TexWisGirl said…
really like the grasses in the first shot. congrats on new walking shoes! i need to splurge on some new runners for myself.
Jill said…
Good job on getting yourself some good shoes! I hope they work out well for you.

Very pretty shots!
Dianna said…
Loved your photos! Hubby and I also went to the beach today (will be my post tomorrow).
I just love reading your blog and learning Scottish words for things....!
Sheila said…
Love that first shot Ellie, I love beach photos , thanks for sharing your day with us.
Danielle said…
The water and the beaches is the most favorite parts of where I live also...I find so much comfort there. Wonderful photos of your walk.
Tracy Wood said…
Nice photos today - you have such lovely places to walk! Nothing feels better that new shoes!!
good that you got yourself some new sneakers...i need to do that too, one of these days!

love your walk home...along the beach. relaxing...

i would have a hard time getting anywhere...with all those shells to look through!
Rose said…
What a wonderful place to have for a walk.
Roan said…
No walk for me today. Hurricane Isaac is raining on us. I'm not complaining, we sure do need the rain. The beach is one of my favorite places to go, but we are landlocked here. It's at least a 10-12 hour drive to the beach. We make do with lakes. Are those the shoes with the rounded bottom? I've seen them advertised. I'm interested to see if they work. Beautiful shots.
Gorgeous photos! lucky you living so near the sea - SO beautiful :)) a lovely place to work
Mary x
Hi Ellie,
Thank you for stopping by and saying hi!! love your beach photos! I was raised on the ocean in St. Augustine, Florida and love watching the gulls float in the wind and checking out the saragosa seaweed for little creatures.
Glad we're at the end of summer - ready for a change in temperatures!
Sandra said…
Lovely seaside shots, Ellie. I love all those little wavelets and the sound they make! I like the movement and the colours in that last shot!
Those new trainers sound ground... Miss Shapely Legs Ellie!
Have a great week!
lorik said…
What a lovely walk home you have - imagine being able to do that every day! I enjoyed looking at these photos. Thank you for visiting:)
ZielonaMila said…
Beauties of the photograph, seaside views and climates are wonderful. I am greeting
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
Fantastic shots of seaside♡♡♡ And happy for you for the new walkng shoes☆☆☆
I always have trouble finding shoes as my size is small, haha.
Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*
Nancy Claeys said…
Shopping for new shoes can be fun if you know what you are looking for. Beautiful shots of the beach, Ellie. xo
I love the photos of the beach, so pretty. Good luck with the new shoes.
Sophi Belle said…
Wonderful beach photos. Looks like a peaceful place indeed.
Oh I know where did it go, must be lovely to be able to go and walk on that beach.
Eileen said…
Hi Ellie, please can you tell me the make and model of your point and shoot camera? You always get good quality photographs with it and it looks like it would be a useful addition to my ever growing wish list.

Great photos!
EG CameraGirl said…
You have such a gorgeous way to walk into ton!
Anonymous said…
What a wonderful walk home!
Lee Ann L. said…
I love seeing beach scenes as I'm a beach gal at heart myself. Lovely photos!
Heidi said…
Hello Ellie,
Belated Birthday wishes to you and congrats on your new sneakers. And what beautiful pics of your lovely walk. Have a great week.
Lisa Gordon said…
Summer is disappearing all too fast, Ellie, and I sure wish it would stay for just a bit longer.

These photographes are beautiful. It looks like such a wonderful place for a walk.

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