Green Friday

Oh thank goodness it's Friday.  
It was such a stressful afternoon at work today.  Some Friday's go by quite smoothly but today was not one of those days.  However, it has now passed and I'm sitting at home. 
 I've done my grocery shopping and put it away, I've had a lovely cup of coffee (courtesy of Danny)  and I'm now sitting with my feet up and typing this post.

Laura is coming home tonight  (in fact Danny is just off to pick her up from the train station) to finish packing the last of her remaining things she has here - it will be really nice to see her!!!

I'm off to the hairdresser tomorrow to get my hair cut - I love to get my hair done :))

Anyway since it's Friday it is Green Day  over at Raindrops and Daisy I had to think what green picture I could post - and then I remember I took  pictures overlooking one of the golf courses we have here. 
I have just done a count and I think there are six or seven golf courses in our wee town, phew that is quite a lot isn't it?  
Its a real pity I don't play or really enjoy golf!!

The purple you can see is heather - it does add a lovely dash of colour.

If you have any pictures full of lovely greenness you should visit Fiona's blog and add it to the list. 

Have a lovely weekend everybody. :))


TexWisGirl said…
the colors mixed in with the green really are pretty. :)

happy hairdo!
eileeninmd said…
Beautiful countryside, I love these photos. Have a great weekend!
Jill said…
Gorgeous, Ellie! LOVE that heather! Enjoy your time with your daughter. :)
Lisa said…
What a beautiful country Scotland seems to be.
Rohrerbot said…
very pretty indeed! It must be in the air because this week was extremely stressful. So glad it's over. It's nice to know it wasn't just me. Hope you have a good weekend!
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
Beautiful pictures of overlooking the golf course♡♡♡
I wish you have a good luck at the hair dresser; I know there is a good time and bad, p;)
Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*
Anonymous said…
Very lovely countryside. Hubby tried to teach me to golf with NO success! Enjoy having your hair cut/styled.
lenalima said…
Sabes que nunca vi um campo de golfe...
espero que seu cabelo fique como desejas!
I am happy that it is Friday too. I hope you have a lovely weekend.
Rose said…
Oh, these are gorgeous views!
Riet said…
Beautiful green pastures. Have a nice weekend
DIMI said…
So beautiful country Scotland seems to be!Lovely photos! Enjoy your time with your daughter dear Ellie!
Wish you a great weekend!
Claudia Moser said…
Enjoy your weekend and also haircut! Great shots btw!
Tracy Wood said…
Just looking at your lovely green photos helps calm my soul! I have had a doubly hectic week and need to just rest and relax this weekend!
✿ chica said…
Lindas e tranquilidade é o que passam!beijos,chica
ZielonaMila said…
The fantastic place, superb views and wonderful spaces. I am greeting
Anonymous said…
You don't have to play Golf to enjoy the beauty of those gorgeous greens.
Thanks for sharing the beauty, Ellie.
Lea said…
Fabulous green landscapes! Enjoy your weekend :)
geetlee said…
Hi Ellie :)
You live in such a beautiful place :) love the photos of the beautiful golfing green.
hope you have a lovely weekend
geetlee said…
Hi Ellie :)
You live in such a beautiful place :) love the photos of the beautiful golfing green.
hope you have a lovely weekend
Mary said…
Those are lovely green places...sweet.
Anonymous said…
The heather is so pretty. Wouldn't a whole field of heather be beautiful?
Glad your work day is over & you are able to kick back & enjoy a couple days away.
Lea said…
Great photos! You are so good at photography!
Lucinha said…

Fiquei feliz com sua visita e comentário. Estou gostando muito de participar do Green Day.

Lindas fotos do campo de golfe. Tem muitos por aqui também e vou fotografá-los pra uma próxima postagem.

Um lindo e abençoado dia. Abraços.
Ellie - You always make me smile. Your posts are just like a quick visit with a friend. So friendly and comfortable.

Happy haircut!
Anonymous said…
Hello, I simply wanted to take time to make a comment and say I have really enjoyed reading your site.

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