The Friendly Grasshopper

I'm not a great fan of beasties, but when I was working in the kitchen the other day this wee fella decided to pay a visit. 
We don't normally get grasshoppers visiting so I can only imagine that he came in from the golf course which is behind our houses.

You know these wee blighters can jump really high!!!  
As I was kneeling next to him trying to get his picture he jumped up and landed in my hair - eeeeek!!!  So I quickly removed him.  
Then he jumped out the back door.

 Here is a front view of him. Aren't their faces amazing?  Just look at those eyes.
He quickly made an exit, never to be seen again.
 I wonder where he hopped off to!!!

Last week was a really big week for my girls.  
Laura, my oldest who just turned 23 two weeks ago - (how did she get that old without me realising???) has just rented her first flat. 
So she will be moving out in a couple of weeks. 
How am I feeling about that?
Well I am really happy for Laura as she is very excited about it and I'm also feeling
sad for myself - it won't be the same around here without her :(

Then Emma and Karen were successful in gaining places at their chosen universities.  
It is definitely all change in our household.

But then I suppose that is what life if all about!!!!


TexWisGirl said…
your girls are growing up. congratulations to all 3 of them. :)

grasshoppers are prehistoric looking things... we have MILLIONS of them here all summer.
Giga said…
Dzieci dorastają i idą już własnymi drogami życia, chociaż to trochę smutne dla nas. A Twój pasikonik to bardzo ciekawski owad. Pozdrawiam.
Children grow up and go their own ways of life now, although it's a little sad for us. And your grasshopper is a very curious insect. Yours.
Debbie said…
what a fun week!!

an empty nest is not that bad ;)))
Sandra said…
What amazing shots of that grasshopper, especially the second one! Golly, he even looks a little scary close up! Haha! Having him in your hair couldn't have been much fun - I do believe I would have screamed a little!! Oh I'm such a baby with spiders and things!
Ah yes, big children grow up and leave the home and we are happy to see them become independent with a tinge of sadness that things will never be quite the same again. We did the same, remember?!
Have a lovely week, Ellie.
Cheryl said…
Fascinating pictures, so strange looking! My son is 24 and has his own house now, it's very hard, but I do see him often too. x
So funny. When our dog was a puppy he would chase them. Then my son would catch them & feed them to the dog as treats. Totally disgusting but an ALL BOY thing to do. Had to put a stop to t when it was upsetting the dog's stomach. He liked them- just not a good idea.
congrats to all your girls!!

time sure flies...but it's like you don't realize how much until you think how old your kids have gotten!!
kids?? WHAT kids!!

love your little grasshopper friend! we have them all over here...they're cute...but not so cute when they jump in your hair!! =)
Strange title, how can a grasshopper be friendly? Good pictures.

I too had a grasshopper on my deck (on 2nd floor) ~ Amazing ~ Oh boy ~ Congrats to your girls but I know just how you might be feeling ~ We want to fly but it hurts! ~ You will be fine ~ you'll have time for you and creativity and photography ~ lots of healing hugs to you ~ (A Creative Harbor)
I too had a grasshopper on my deck (on 2nd floor) ~ Amazing ~ Oh boy ~ Congrats to your girls but I know just how you might be feeling ~ We want to fly but it hurts! ~ You will be fine ~ you'll have time for you and creativity and photography ~ lots of healing hugs to you ~ (A Creative Harbor)
Leovi said…
A pretty pictures. I really like how you captured the grasshoppers.
Renae said…
I remember those times when you see them branch out. life has it's odd moments huh? A guy I worked with said, that you need to 'brake their plate', meaning when they turn 18 you break the dinner plate they ate off of all those years in your home and they move out and buy their own dishes to feed themselves. harsh?
just a thought.
Barb said…
Sounds like you'll have an empty nest soon. I remember those days. The grasshopper reminded me of Mary Oliver's poem "The Summer Day."
Dianna said…
Aw...big changes at your house, for sure. Will Laura be living nearby?
CameraCruise said…
Great shots of the grasshopper.
We don't see them around here.
Big changes at your house. Looks like we'll have an empty nest soon too.
Jill said…
Mighty big changes at your house. It's all so bittersweet. Congrats to your girls and to you too,'ve done a great job!
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
Oh, your daughters are all growing up♬♬♬
I remember the mixture of feeling my mother mentioned to me. Congratulations to your beautiful girls.
Your shots of grasshopper are so great. Haha, yes from where it came to greet you♡♡♡

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*
It is really hard to have your children move out of your house, it really changes your life. Out of our four children we have only one living at home now. It is so quiet... not sure if I like that.
I love the photos of your grasshopper
geetlee said…
Ellie, I would have screamed if I was you... I mean they are really cute but I can't imagine a grasshopper in my hair :)

Lots of changes with your girls growing up.. you must be such a proud mama
Rohrerbot said…
Oh change happens and with it brings all kinds of feelings. Love your grasshopper shots. I've noticed they're all over the place right now....beautiful insects. And your shots are superb. Chris
ZielonaMila said…
The life is going ahead and it is necessary to think only about positive things. Photographs are sensational. I am greeting
Nancy Claeys said…
Ewwwww! Not in your hair! I'd freak out.

I know it's going to be quiet in your home soon -- but they will come back to visit. :)
Riet said…
I would freak out too. Oh my all three girls out leaving the nest. Empty nest is not so bad you just have to get used to it.
Great photo. Time to start making plans for an empty nest adventure Ellie.
Eileen said…
You're brave, getting that close to a grasshopper! Great pics.

It sounds like you all have a period of adjustment to your new lives. I hope it goes smoothly without too much stress for all of you and that you, in particular, adapt easily to your soon-to-be empty nest.

Anonymous said…
You certainly are more brave than I! Haha!
I dread seeing the day when my children leave home. Ive heard others say that its a time when mom & dad can go on adventures and road trips - maybe that would be kind of fun. :) Good luck with this transition time...and hugs to ya.
EG CameraGirl said…
They are a tad homely...but I don't think they bite. :))
Buttons said…
Wow time flies when you are having fun with your girls.It seems like just yesterday we were tucking them into bed and turning out the lights then they go off to university and start lives of their own. You are a good Mom, letting go is the hard part but it is what we must do. We have to let them fly.
Congrats to all your girls for flying. I am also glad two are staying around for awhile. B

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