Cloudy Skies

Yesterday the sun was shining and we had a lovely sky.  Yahoo I thought, I'm going to sit out and soak that up. 
First we had to brush down the chairs to get rid of the spider webs along with the spiders (and there were a lot of them).  
I'm pleased to say that Danny did that for me - my hero :))

Well I had just got settled in my chair and had rolled my trousers up - just so the sun could get a glimpse of my lily white legs!!! And no I'm not showing you a picture of that you will be pleased to hear ;-)

I put my head back and sighed in content and looked to my left and this is what I saw. 

 Anyway, we put the chairs away and went inside but the sky continued to get darker as the clouds rolled in.

 But don't you think it looks kind of beautiful - a bit like marble!!!
The rain did eventually turn up along with some thunder - no lighting just big rolling thunder.  
We stood at the back door and watched the rain get heavier and heavier.  
You know that smell you sometimes get when it rains the lovely fresh smell. Between the lovely dramatic sky, the coolness of the rain and that lovely smell, I actually quite enjoyed the rain.

It did eventually stop raining and then the sky brightened again in the evening. 

I hope you don't mind my sharing our weather with you today.  

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Kerri said…
oh, What a dramatic sky! Glad the sun finally did come out again!
Eileen said…
We've got the same weather here but luckily I went out early to take some photos.

I love your photos - very atmospheric!

Hope the weather improves for the rest of your holiday. Take care xx
beautiful photos. We have not uncovered our table and chairs outside this year so I suspect the spiders there will also be the order of the day when (if) we do get to uncover them. Enjoy the day Diane
Jill said…
Sometimes those best laid plans get foiled but you managed to find the joy. Good for you!
Riet said…
What a beautiful angry ans scary sky. I love your photo's
Tamar SB said…
Gorgeous clouds!
TexWisGirl said…
that smell would be the earth sighing and saying thank you. :) we sure could use some for our parched earth.
Sandra said…
Amazing skies, Ellie! We're getting them here too!
Cloudy said…
Die Formation der Wolken ist die Stimmung im Himmel, es scheint dort ein wenig Streit gewesen zu sein...:-)

Lieben Gruß
Claudia Moser said…
Similar weather here today!
It is the same here, at the time I write this comments we are getting heavy showers.

sexta-feira said…
Yes, sometimes there is that great smell that accompanies rain and it makes it enjoyable!
Great pictures of the dark and ominous sky..
Have a nice new week. :)
Debbie said…
ooohhhh ellie, that get the chairs thing out is a pain in the butt!! we have to wash or hose ours off almost every time we use them!!

i just hate when we get all set-up the and sun disappears!!

the images are beautiful and quite dramatic
Wonderful images of a sky that is new all the time!
Have a wonderful Sunday evening!
Annabella said…
Lovely clouds Ellie but do hope you get some sun soon.
Heidi said…
Hello Ellie,
I hope all those clouds are gone now and you are enjoying blue skies with lots of sunshine. Have a great week ahead...Heidi
at least the chairs got cleaned off for the next sunny day!!
beautiful clouds!

right now, as i write this...LOUD thunder & lightning...crackling right overhead!
Pat said…
Great sky shots!
Lighthousegal said…
I love your photos. The clouds are amazing. I know you were probably disappointed that the storm moved in, but you captured some wonderful photos of the clouds. I love watching the clouds and storm clouds can be very beautiful.
Rose said…
I love skies like that...we got a sprinkle this morn but not much at all. Not enough to help.
Nancy Claeys said…
Rain is always a welcome topic as far as I'm concerned. Happy that you received some refreshment. :)
orchid said…
Oh Dearest Ellie; we need the cloud and rain here. Scorching hot and swealtering!!!
Sending you lots of love and hugs from HOT HOT Japan, xoxo Miyako*
How strange that there was no lightening! Interesting photos, sorry you did not get your sunbathing though.
Terri Buster said…
Storms blew over us yesterday evening and it was very much welcomed! Nice shots!
Beyond Zephyr said…
It looks a bit gray, but the cloud is always beautiful to me.
Anonymous said…
Such a dramatic sky! I do love the smell in the air turing and after a rain.
Fiona said…
Hi Ellie

Just wondering if you would have a look at Sizzle and Zoom's Blog

She has a nice blog, only starting off really and not very many followers. Would be lovely if some of us could follow.


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