Green Day

Well, it's Friday once again and that means two things. 
First it is Green Day over at Raindrops and Daisys and secondly it's the last day of my holiday :(
I've really enjoyed my holiday and I'm not sure I want to go back to work on Monday. 
 I will of course go back but I would really love another week off - or is that me being REALLY greedy :)

Anyway for Green Day I'm posting my last pictures  of Loch Doon - I really hope you are not too fed up of them!!!
These are just a few odds and sods that I took - but they fit the green theme :))

I love the colour of the wildflowers and greenery in this one.

 This was a glade we found that we just couldn't resist walking into.  
There was something quite magical about it - apart from all of the midges that were biting us.

Looking up through the trees.

 The ground was covered in many layers of pine needles. 
It was almost like walking on a lovely soft carpet.

Well I think that is all of my pictures from the Loch you will be pleased to hear. 

I'll need to find something new to post about  now :))

Have a lovely weekend everyone!!!


Anonymous said…
I especially love the photo looking up through the trees. Such beauty all around!
Really pretty, especially the third picture! Enjoy the weekend and try not to think that you're going back to work on Monday.
And by the way, happy birthday! (although belated)
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Fiona said…

I love the photos
they are all beauiful.

Glad that you enjoyed your week off.

Thanks for linking up

x Fiona
joanne said…
lovely widlflowers....and the piney path - 'cool' post!
TexWisGirl said…
really lovely! sorry your time off is almost over.
Giga said…
Niestety zawsze tak jest, co przyjemne szybko się kończy. Twoje zdjęcia są śliczne, a szczególnie pierwsze. Pozdrawiam.
Unfortunately, there is always that fun come to an end. Your photos are beautiful, especially the first. Yours.
eileeninmd said…
Ellie, I have enjoyed your photos from Loch Doon. It is a beautiful place to visit. The flowers and trees are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing, have a great weekend.
Debbie said…
it's wonderful that you enjoy being off so much.....many hobbies and interests make it fun being home.

beautiful pictures today!!
I love the photos. It is always hard to return to work when you have been off for a while.
Jill said…
Oh my! What a magical, mystical place to walk. I love it!
Perfect for the green theme, enjoy the weekend and hope work next week turns out to be not that bad!
I love that first picture - so pretty!
you know what...i think we always need some time off, after time off!!

LOVE the colorful wildflowers!!

wishing you a fast flowing work week! =)
oldthings said…
Your week off seems that you had calm and fresh air at this beautiful place !
That looks like a really nice place to take a walk and explore. I'm visiting from Green Day.
✿ chica said…
Que lindo lugar,lindas fotos!beijos chica, do Brasil...
SizzleandZoom said…
This is an absolutely beautiful post.
Anonymous said…
What a magical place! I enjoy your adventures and photos!

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