Do you remember that my lovely sister got me some beautiful lilies for my birthday.
Well they have all blossomed and they are gorgeous - I can't believe how many flowers there are, and the perfume from them is something else!!
 I have had them for a week and a half now and they are still going strong.
Here are some pictures of them.

I got my faithful old black reflective plate out for this shot. 
Anyway I hope you like them.

Sharing my pictures today with

Also do you remember in my last post I said how clumsy I was - well I did it again tonight.
No I didn't break any glasses.
I was out on the deck picking the handful of blueberries that were growing on the plant  - now bear in mind it has been raining rather heavily here and that there are lots of plants sitting on the deck.
Well I picked my 15 blueberries and turned around to come back down the steps.  The next thing I know I free-falling down said steps.
The rain had made it sooooo slippy, it was like ice.  Now I have a ruddy big bruise on my shin it's a bit bloomin' sore too!
I am fine though so don't worry :))
My lovely daughters came running to my aid, Emma gave me a great big hug and Karen kept me going in cold compresses.  It's is lovely how concerned they were about me.
Me - I just feel really silly now!!! 
Stupid woman!!! :))


TexWisGirl said…
oh, ellie! sorry about the fall and bruise!

your stargazer lilies are beautiful! yes, they can put out an intoxicating aroma!
rainfield61 said…
The lilies are beautiful.

EG CameraGirl said…
You sure do have a great sister to give you these beauties!
Oh I hope your bruise won't last down the stairs is the worst. Glad to hear you're ok now.

The lilies are great but the picture with the reflection is my favorite.

Happy Sunday!
Sending lots of healing hugs ~ Your lilies are exquisite and your photography fantastic ~ (A Creative Harbor)
Oh, ellie
So sorry about the bruised shin. Your pictures are just lovely as always.

Rest up and take it easy.
Jill said…
Stargazers are the best when it comes to beauty and scent. Your photos are lovely!

I am so very sorry about your fall but glad your daughters are so helping. Take care, my friend.
Ellie, I hope you are okay. Sounds like it was quite the fall. Take care of yourself. Also love the lilies, they are one of my favorite flowers.
Beautiful photos, especially the one of the petal on the black. Slippery steps doesn't make you stupid - sore maybe. At least you weren't holding your camera!
Sandra said…
Lovely lilies, my favourite is the single petal on your black reflective plate, it really shows the harmonious curve off well.
I hope your bruised shin will heal as quickly as possible, you had thoughtful young 'nurses' tending to your needs. How lovely not to be alone on such occasions!
Have a lovely Sunday.
Claudia Moser said…
Beautiful, but sadly cannot stand their smell!
Riet said…
They are really beautiful. I hope the pain will soon go.
Eileen said…
Oh Ellie, hope you're okay and the bruises heal soon.

The photos are lovely - that black plate is a really useful thing to have. I think I'll start looking for one for myself!

Take care xx
Fiona said…
Hi Ellie

Sorry to hear about your fall (although I did have a little giggle at your description of it)!!
But once you are ok that is
all that matters.

Thankfully it was a bruise and not a break.

Lovely lilies, I can almost smell them from here!

Have a great Sunday

x Fiona
Leovi said…
I like those pictures, wonderful and spectacular. Exquisite lilies. Greetings.
Dianna said…'s almost like you "predicted" your fall.... Sorry about the bruise, but how sweet of your daughters to come to your aid!
Rosemary Aubut said…
These were my dad's favorites! They smell so good! Beautiful captures!
Deborah said…
and they were my mother's favorite! Haven't planted any since I moved, but used to have a yard full because not only did my mom love them, but I did as well!

Great shots!
DIMI said…
Ηope you get well soon my dear!Lovely lilies!Have a grate week!
Amy Burzese said…
Feel better soon! Those are gorgeous flowers!
Deanna said…
So glad you have been able to enjoy your birthday flowers for so long. And so sorry about your fall....yeah I feel really stupid when I do something like that but accidents do happen. Lucky that your daughters were there to "nurse" you back to health!
Rohrerbot said…
Hope you are feeling in better spirits. I could say, "Be careful." But I say that to myself and it still happens:) Glad you are okay. Pretty pretty flowers:)
Whoops, poor you, hope you have taken some arnica for the bruising. Lovely lilies and teacups for Green Day as well Ellie.
Nancy Claeys said…
Oh, be careful Ellie!

Those Stargazer lilies are amazing.
ZielonaMila said…
Beautiful flowers, fantastic colours. I am greeting
OH NO...your slippery fall sounds just like one i had...the wooden porch & front step get SO slimy & slippery after much rain. a couple of weeks ago...i slid down and not only bruised my butt...but got a hunge scummy stain on my jeans that won't even wash all the way out!! you have my sympathy...THAT hurts!!
(sam has since washed all the wood with heavy duty spray cleaner!)

i LOVE your lilies!! wow!! gorgeous! i especially LOVE the reflection picture!!!!
Anonymous said…
Oh, Ellie! I'm glad you weren't hurt any worse. :(

Your Stargazers are gorgeous!
Buttons said…
Oh Ellie I am sorry you fell down I understand that one. It is nice to have daughters come to your rescue. I unfortunately landed with my hands down avoiding smashing my face but I had M's Iphone in my hand and let us just say they do not make things like they used too:( she still loves me:)
Take care of the bruise mine has healed nicely.
They are beautiful flowers. B
Rose said…
Not stupid...accidents just happen. Glad you weren't seriously hurt.
Debbie said…
oh ellie, you have the worse luck ;(((

the flowers, and your images are gorgeous!!

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