My Not So Empty Nest

I am always on the lookout for new things to photogaph.  Oh dear, I think I might just be a wee bitty obsessed with this photography thing  :))

Anyway I came across these fans which have been sitting safely in a cupboard.
My sis-in-law lived in China for a while quite a few years ago when our girls were quite small.  When she came back she brought them these lovely fans.  They are made out of wood - I'm not sure what type - but I think they are rather lovely.  

On a seperate note - thanks very much for all of your lovely comments on my last blog.
 I may have unintentionally given the impression that all of my girls are leaving home when in fact it is only Laura. 
So I won't have a totally empty nest - my other two little birds are not flying off just yet :)) 
Karen and Emma will be able to commute to university - thank goodness!!!  
Emma is very keen to move out but I think she is going to wait till next year and Karen is happy to live at home (I think she knows where she is well off, lol). So I think they are going to break me in gently :))

We will all miss Laura though. She is moving to Dundee which is about a three hour drive from here, which isn't that far away.


TexWisGirl said…
one by one they'll find their wings. for now, though, nice they're still within a day's visit.
Gloria said…
Do the fans have a faint, rather pleasant, smell?
They look like a sandalwood fan I had about 40 years ago and lost in a move.

Oh what treasures you have there. I love it when people I know send me things from afar.
Leovi said…
I like those pictures, excellent range.
Rohrerbot said…
Oh that's good:) The last ones for my parents were hard. The house that once had drama, chaos and friends coming over nonstop was quiet again. But they like that part as well now:) Glad you love the photography thing....I'm in the same boat as you are....can't get enough of it:)
Jeanne said…
Glad that you are watching your girls move one at a time. Remember how good you will feel when they get homesick, and they will. Hope your vacation was awesome!
The fans are lovely,Ellie!
All my best wishes to your daughter; she may be going away but she has all those great learning experiences ahead of her... She's so lucky! ;)
Anonymous said…
Oh how pretty!!

Glad all your little chickadees aren't leaving the nest at the same time. :)
Jill said…
Pretty fans!

Glad you're not going to be an empty nester just yet.
Annmarie Pipa said…
I recently found a red fan from japan....i had it buried in a hutch. I have it displayed now and it looks so pretty.
my daughter left for college yesterday and my oldest son goes Sat....good luck with all your kids!!
I love the photos of the fans. The details on the fans are so pretty.
Sandra said…
What beautiful fans. Are they ever used? They are certainly lovely enough to decorate your home.
ZielonaMila said…
Pretty presentation, real works of art. I am greeting
Sheila said…
The fans are very pretty and you are so lucky to have two girls still at home , those years go by so quickly and being an empty nester is not all that much fun .
Dianna said…
Nice to hear that your nest won't be empty just yet!
Lovely fan!
Our daughter was at St Andrews University so not far from Dundee, however home was in Surrey. She loved every moment of her four years there. Love the fan as well did you see mine the other day. :)
Rita said…
I agree, very lovely. What a great gift and keepsake for your girls.
Rose said…
Beautiful fans!

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