Pollen Stains

 I learned something new the other day and I thought I would share it with you - I'm quite nice that way, lol.

Well  I got lilies for my birthday, as you know, and I know how the pollen from them can really stain clothes etc. 

I have my lilies standing in a vase on my dining room table and everytime I set the table for dinner I have to move the vase. 

Well you know where this is going don't you?  
Yup I managed to get the stain on not one but three items of clothing. 
  I know, how unlucky (or should that read careless!) can one person get. 

The first time it was on one of my favourite light green cardigans - I thought oh no that is that ruined!!

So I googled how to get lily pollen stains out.
And I read that if you put the item out into the sunshine the stain will vanish. 
Pah, I thought that will never work but I was willing to give it a shot. 
And you know it worked. Totally removed the stain. A miracle!!!
So I thought I would show you what happened with my shirt.
 Pollen stains.

I suppose I was lucky that we had a couple of sunny days. Here is the shirt pegged out in the sun after about half an hour. 
The stain has reduced considerably.

And here it is washed, dried and ironed. 
The stain has completely gone. 

Amazing - I don't know how it works but it really does. 
Thank you sun!!!

That is three tops I have recovered that I thought I woud have to throw out.

So if you get lily pollen on your clothes put them in the sunshine for half an hour and voila the stain will be gone!!!

Makes me feel a wee bit happier about buying lilies - they are beautiful flowers afterall. :))

Hope this is helpful to someone :))


Dianna said…
How about that??? So glad that simple fix worked for you! Thanks for sharing it with all of us!
Jill said…
Wow! That is really brilliant! So glad it worked for you, Ellie. Thanks for sharing.
Fiona said…
Happens me all the time too Ellie.

I am always putting clothes on the line to get the stains out!

I love lilies but not the pollen.

Hope you have sunshine today
I'm fed up with this weather
and packing all my summer clothes away.
Enough is enough!!!

Have a great week

Sandra said…
Thanks for sharing the miracle stain remover in the form of sunshine! That's really great. Moral of the story: only buy lilies when the sun is shining!!!
Lasse said…
Seems like a miracle if you ask me !
Great tip, I will remember that one. Just hope the sun keeps shining :-) Keep well Diane
TexWisGirl said…
too funny - the other day when you posted the stargazers, i was going to warn you about their pollen getting on your clothes. :)
DIMI said…
Well done dear Ellie!!I like lilies to!Good night my friend!
Nancy Claeys said…
Did the article say why this works? Just curious -- I ruined a few things on our Turks' Caps this summer. :)
Anonymous said…
Who would have ever thought of it!?

Thanks for sharing, Ellie! The sun is good for us! :)
Rohrerbot said…
Really??!!!! I will have to do that next time I get a bouquet of lilies! It happens all the time and it's so frustrating to get those stains out. Good to know:)
Wow, that is interesting. How lucky for you find that tip. I would have never thought the sun would take away a stain.
Rose said…
I would never have dreamed that would work! Learned something new!
I had forgotten that trick thanks for the reminder. :)
Anna said…
Hi Ellie,
I knew lilies stained, but had never heard of this trick. Marvelous! Thanks for sharing.
I hope that you've had a great summer!
Take care :)
Fabulous trick!! I've ruined a couple of shirts with lily pollen - thanks for some great info!!
mary x
Dianna said…
PS. Ellie, I just nominated you for a new blog award!
Giga said…
Nie wiedziałam o tym, a to bardzo przydatne. Zdarzyły mi się już takie plamy. Pozdrawiam.
I did not know about it, and it's very useful. I already occurred such stains. Yours.
Anonymous said…
What a great tip! Thank you for sharing. I would have questioned that fix too...I love it when something that simple turns one into a "believer."
Debbie said…
you just have to LOVE google!!
i missed this post somehow!!
and what good advice, now if i can just remember that next time i get lily stains!! =) thanks!

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