Loch Doon Castle

Now as I said in my last post we visited Loch Doon on Thursday. 
A very beautiful and peaceful place to visit. 
I recommend visiting midweek when it is even  quieter than it is at the weekend.
I decided split our visit into two posts - this one is on Loch Doon Castle.

We visited Loch Doon when our girls were a lot smaller and I don't remember the castle at all.
 I'm not sure how I could have forgotten about it as it is quite stunning. 

Amazing to think it was originally built on an island on the Loch and transferred to the mainland and rebuilt. 
A wee bit more detailed explanation here.

This is the view to the side and back of the castle, the hill is called Hill of Craigmulloch and is 690 feet above the loch.

 Danny coming through the front entrance - gives the true height of the doorway.

The view out of one of the windows - stunning, don't you think?

We reckon there were two floors to the castle with the arch on the ground being a doorway and the recess on the wall was a fireplace (just our thoughts).

Sneeky pic of Danny taking pictures :))

I love all of the archways and the view out of the window.

The castle dates back to 1306 and played a pivotal role in the war of independance. 
It was designed by Sir Christopher Seton, brother-in-law of Robert The Bruce.

Well, that was part one of my visit. I hope you liked my pictures. 
Part two of the Loch to follow tomorrow  :))

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TexWisGirl said…
really pretty amazing that they dismantled it and reconstructed it elsewhere!
Claudia Moser said…
Simply wonderful!
eileeninmd said…
I love these castle photos, the archways are wonderful. It is amazing they were able to pick it up and move. I assume stone by stone and rebuilt it? Awesome photos.
Tito Eric said…
Intriguing ruins of what may have been a formidable architectural gem. Thanks for sharing your photo essay!

Cheers … visiting from Your Sunday Best!

Tito Eric
Mary said…
Wow to move that...What a wonder of the world..in mini size compared to Pyramids...thanks for share..That's a nice vacation trip.M
Gorgeous series of this beautiful place. I especially loved the shots through the arches and windows. Lovely!
Tracy Wood said…
Super cool. I never get tired of looking at your photos!
Seeing Each Day said…
Thank you for sharing these photos - your last one is my favourite. I visited the UK way back in 1994, in your winter, and the castles just captured my attention almost straight away. I climbed and climbed them and fell in love with each one.
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
These pictures are really fantastic☆☆☆
I enjoyed the enlarged ones.
Loch Doon Castle sure looks beautiful and peaceful place!!!Thank you very much for sharing.
Looking forward to seeing other pictures tommorow(♥^_^♥)~*

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*
A moved castle - first time I'd heard of that. Certainly looks the part. Very interesting, thanks for posting. Now I'm going to sit down for a moment or two and think about whether this is really the castle or not??
ZielonaMila said…
Beauties photograph, wonderful views. I like to visit such unusual places. I am greeting
Sandra said…
Lovely to see part of your visit to Loch Doon Castle and to read a little of the history too. I love all those old stone walls and the attractive archways. I liked the seventh shot of the still standing doorway and traces of the old fireplace!
Have a beautiful Sunday!
YES!! VERY stunning!!
i love it...and would love to wander there...touch the old stone.
but of course i'll never get there in person...so at least i can get a close look HERE!
it's beautiful!! the crumbling walls, the archways, the fireplace...and the STUNNING views!
Kerri said…
Oh, what a great place to visit!!
Debbie said…
so interesting!! you have lot's of great places to visit!!

and you and danny each have your own cameras, how neat!!
Lisa Gordon said…
Oooo, this is fantastic, Ellie!
I wonder what it looks like inside...
Happy Sunday to you!
Pat said…
Fantastic piece of history! I love your captures.
Eileen said…
I love castles and you've really captured the place in your photographs. I'd love to visit there - maybe one day!
Giga said…
Ruiny zamku są bardzo ciekawe a widoki z niego cudowne. Pozdrawiam.
The ruins of the castle are very interesting and with wonderful views. Yours.
Lea White said…
What great photos! Thanks for sharing!
Nancy Claeys said…
Always amazed at the long history of many of the structures in Europe. Causes you to realize how young the USA really is. :) Great post, Ellie.
kkkkaty said…
Stunning is right!!
Emily Spark said…
Beautiful photos!
Beautiful photos of your visit, thanks for sharing.
Rose said…
Oh, Ellie...I love seeing these...you got some really good photos. I love them...like 6 and 9...sometimes a bit of life in a picture puts it in perspective...but boy, I could not pick a favorite...I also really, really love the one right below Danny coming through...I always go for photos that show you are looking through something.
Buttons said…
COoL I love castles I so have to hop this pond and come see what you see awesome. B
I would love to see a castle like this. Love the photos
Anonymous said…
What an enormous effort it must been to move this historical castle.
Your photos tell a wonderful story, Ellie.
Thanks for sharing your beautiful world.

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