A Cup And A Saucer

Well I had to rack my brain to think of something different for Green Day over at Fiona's Raindrops and Daisys today. 
And this is what I eventually came up with.

This was my mum-in-law's tea set, well everything but the tea pot. 
I think it is so lovely and delicate looking. 
I'm pretty sure that it was her wedding china too. So I feel quite honoured to have it. I keep it safely tucked away in a glass cabinet just so that is doesn't get broken. 
But I was feeling quite brave and decided to get some of it down to photograph it. 
If you knew how clumsy I can be you would totally understand how nervous I was doing this, lol.  I think I am the worst in our house for breaking glasses, etc., I have no idea why that would be. 
Some people (namely Danny and the girls) think I am a tad clumsy but personally I think I am just unlucky!!!
Anyway you will be pleased to hear that no dishes or cups were hurt or damaged in this photoshoot :))

I love the handles on these cups and it gave me the perfect opportunity to play about taking some pictures. 

I love circles and arcs - I much prefer  rounded shapes to sharp straight lines. 

I often wonder if I would have been related to the Hobbits in Lord of  The Rings, now don't laugh. 
I DON'T have large hairy feet - honest I don't!!!
I just loved their houses with the round windows and doors. 
How cool would that be to live in a house like that!! 

On that daft note I am going to say:
I'm sharing this post today with 
you should go over and have a look at all of the lovely greenery over there. :)

Happy Friday everyone!!!


TexWisGirl said…
just a tinge of green in those. you get quite creative with your props. :)
Your post made me laugh today! haha!
The cups and saucers are amazing; so delicate and pretty.
Riet said…
That is beautiful china and I love your photo's
✿ chica said…
LINDO!!! beijos,ótimo fim de semana,chica
oldthings said…
NICE ! the tea set is amazing ! I like so much ! For the Green Day , can we drink in this lovely set a green cup of tea ? I suppose yes !
eileeninmd said…
Cute post, and I love your tea cups. Have a great weekend.
DIMI said…
Happy to meat you!I am linking for Fionas green day!Lovely set of cups!I am fan of Scotland!Some day i,ll visit your beautiful country.Have a grate weekend my dear!
Greetings from Athens!
Sheila said…
Thanks for the chuckle and I did love your dishes and your photos too :-)
Zizisantos said…
Adorei as imagens, muito suaves
stardust said…
These are beautiful cups and saucers and are priceless as a memory of your mother-in-law. Thank you for letting us see the details.

Jill said…
Beautiful shots of these lovely tea cups and saucers!
I love the china. You have some great shots, beautiful.
i totally agree!! would love to live in a little hobbit house...but what an aching back we'd have!

i also like the circles...spirals...
and love your delicate teacups!
Sandra said…
I like your different points of view, especially the third one! See you're having fun playing with the different line-ups!
Anonymous said…
That is lovely China! Nice photos!
BlueShell said…
Wonderful and exquisite...a piece of good taste...and royalty!
Eileen said…
That's very delicate, I'd be afraid to touch it!
Rita said…
Lovely china but I especially like the photo through the circles of the handles.
Buttons said…
Oh I love those cups and your photos are awesome.
I also liked those little houses the hobbits lived in and I being under 5ft. tall would fit perfectly in them. B

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