Turning 51

I bought myself some Aster flowers a couple of weeks ago and took some pictures.  Have I said lately how much I love flowers? :))

Today I turned 51 - yes 51!!!!  
Can you believe it.? 
 Actually to be honest I'm not too bothered by the number. 
I've had a great couple of days. Yesterday afternoon I went out with my sis-in-law for cocktails. Now some of you may remember we did this last year as well.  I think we may just have started a new yearly ritual, lol
I had a strawberry and apple cosmopolitan (well I actually had 2) and I have to say they were delicious. So we had a good blether for a couple of hours and then Danny picked me up and we went out for dinner. 
Great, no cooking and no dishes - suited me just fine I can tell you :)
After dinner we went for a lovely walk along the beach front.  A great way to finish the day.
Today, Karen, Danny and  I went to Hobbycraft (a crafting shop). I have to say Karen was in her element :))
I got some great prezzies today. 
Laura got me a bicycle computer which measures all sorts of things like speed, calories and the like. Emma got me a DVD  of Lady and the Tramp - you know the disney movie!!  
There is a story attached to this. 
 When Emma was a nipper we had a video of it. Well she pulled the tape out of the cassette totally ruining the film.  Well you have to know that was my favourite disney film. 
 So she made it all ok again by buying the dvd, we are going to watch it tonight :))
And Karen did something really special for me and I am so tickled with it.
Do you remember I took pictures of boats at Irvine harbour, well she took this picture off my computer and got it printed onto canvas and framed for me.  It is now in it's place of pride hanging on my wall.

Have I said lately that I have the greatest most thoughtful daughters - 'cause I really do!!!!


Kayla said…
Happy belated birthday! I am an August baby too! Your birthday sounds just about perfect to me! Time to visit, quiet time with hubby, a little walk, and presents....thoughtful ones! Happy Birthday, dear Ellie! May the Lord bless and keep you through another fantastic year!
Fiona said…
51 sure you only look 41!!!

Belated Happy Birthday my friend.
It all sounds wonderful.

You have 3 very thoughtful daughters who gave you great presents.

Cocktails! hmmmm think after two I wouldn't know my name!
I will stick to wine.

Glad you had such a great day.

Wishing you another 51 years.

TexWisGirl said…
HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear ellie! that canvas print is gorgeous and what a wonderful gift! and the bicycle computer thing, as well. :)

i DO remember last year - you having cocktails for the first time, i think! good for you!!!
TexWisGirl said…
p.s. meant to say that top shot is absolutely dreamy gorgeous!
Eileen said…
Happy birthday, Ellie. It sounds like you've celebrated in style!

You have three amazingly thoughtful daughters - such lovely gifts.

Take care xx
Lea White said…
Happy birthday Ellie! Hope you had a lovely day! Sounds like you got some great things for your birthday!
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Ellie - Happy Birthday to you!!
And many more!
(Do you guys sing the birthday song like we sing it over here?)
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday, Ellie. At 51 you have a long way to go to catch up to my 69 years.
Your lucky to have such wonderful daughters and a sister-in-law to enjoy a few drinks with.
Cheers :)
Nancy Claeys said…
Happy Birthday Ellie -- my hubby just turned 51 on Sunday. :) You youngsters. Lol.
Jill said…
Happy Birthday, beautiful Ellie! I'm glad you have been treated well. Your girls take after you. They are all so thoughtful. That canvas print of your amazing photo is beautiful!
Rose said…
Happy Birthday, Ellie! So glad I didn't miss it. You did get some great gifts...I wouldn't mind one that photo framed myself.
Oh, Ellie, Happy happy birthday!

Nothing like a good visit with a friend, dinner with your husband, and a thoughtful gift from a child to make your birthday complete!
Debbie said…
happy birthday ellie, 51, you are just a baby ;)))

i know you thought of me with those asters, i know you did!!

i must say that the image on canvan is just amazing, what a wonderful gift. you have a very loving family and you deserve it!!
Ellie, Happy Birthday!! You got some wonderful presents from your lovely daughters.
Sandra said…
Happy belated birthday, Ellie! At 51, your still just a little chick!
How lovely to have one of your photos printed on canvas and framed! You have such thoughtful and loving daughters, that is a blessing indeed!
I love the Aster flowers and their gorgeously ruffled petals.
I hope you enjoyed "Lady and the Tramp" and that your bicycle computer will be giving you lots of fun!
ZielonaMila said…
Beautiful flowers, nature is able to give us wonderful gifts. I am greeting
Dianna said…
Happy Birthday (one day late), Ellie! What a wonderful day you had. That is one GORGEOUS photo, and how thoughtful of Karen to have it printed and framed for you. So special!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a fellow LEO!!
(i turn 59!!! on sunday!)

sounds like you had a GREAT day!!
i LOVE your gorgeous flower pictures!!
Happy Birthday for yesterday.
Anonymous said…
Happy Belated Birthday!! I love it we are the same age...well I am 6 months older than you☺ It is always nice to find girls around the same age huh? The present your daughters did for you was a super idea!!
Laurie @ Pride in Photos
Belated Happy Birthday. Mine is on Sunday, add another 18 to your age and you will know what it is like to be my age LOL. Diane
Anonymous said…
Belated birthday wishes. I turn 55 in a few days. Sounds like you had a delightful celebration.
Roan said…
Happy Birthday! 51 sounds young to me. It's all relative. ;)

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