Some Strawberries And Some Sugar

One of the things I have wanted to try for ages is jam making. 
 My lovely daughters gave me a jam making set for my birthday last year and I'm ashamed to say I never used it. 
But on Saturday I changed that!!!
I bought some strawberries and jam sugar and had a go.
I thought I'd blog about it so that in years to come  (when I'm really good a jam making lol) I can look back at this blog and see where I started.

 Well,  I bought my Preserving Book a couple of years ago (I seem to plan well in advance don't I) and I have to say it is a really good book with lots of lovely mouth watering recipes.

The ingredients needed are
1kg (2 1/4 lbs)  hulled strawberries 
6 tablespoons lemon juice
900kg (2lb) jam sugar

Who would have thought just these 3 three ingredients could make something so tasty!!!

 So, off I went and bought my strawberries - don't they look tasty?

 And I couldn't resist doing a close up shot!!!

Lemon Juice


Pop strawberries and lemon juice into the jam pan and heat gently until strawberries are soft - about 5 minutes..

Add sugar to the pan and heat gently, stirring until sugar is all dissolved. Then turn up the heat  and bring to the boil. When it reaches a rolling boil cook for around 15 minutes until setting point has been reached.
I used a jam thermometer and the temp should be 220F (105C) . Remove pan from heat and check for a set.
I used a cold saucer and put a spoonful of the jam mixture on the saucer, let it cool and pushed with my finger. If it is separates it is set.

I then let it cool slightly and poured it into jars.

Well pleased with myself  :) - 'cause it looked really, really good.

Here are my jars with my fancy labels (and smudged writing as well).

Well on Sunday I made some bread and toasted it. I got out my lovely jam and stuck the knife into it.

Problem - definitely not spreadable. 

So I had lumps of jam instead of a lovely spread. I can only gather that I let it boil too much. 
Any expert jam makers out there agree with that or have any idea what the problem would be?

It does taste delicious though :))

I am going to try again - I will NOT be beaten lol.

Sharing my jammy tale today with



Well done you, our problem is we make the jam from all our excess fruit and then do not know what to do with it all :)
Jill said…
Good try, Ellie! I think you're right on boiling it a bit too long. I've taken to making strawberry freezer jam. Must easier, I think.
Mira Crisp said…
Oh, I bet this jam was a fantasy combo with fresh bread!
tinajo said…
Must taste great!
Sandra said…
Hi Ellie, Strawberry jam isn't very easy because this fruit has very little natural pectin. After lots of hit and miss situations in the past, I now buy a packet of natural powdered pectin. It takes all the guesswork out of jam making with those low pectin fruits. Another advantage: you can put in only half the amount of sugar (so less calories!) Good luck with the next batch.
i've never made jam...but it sure sounds YUMMY!! even if it wasn't as spreadable as you wanted!! =)
Anonymous said…
As long as it tastes good! It sure looks yummy! I use SureJell when I make jams & jellies.
Your jam sugar is obviously not the same as we have here!!! 1kg jam sugar to 1.2kg fruit and no lemon juice required as jam sugar has pectin in it. Bring to boil, boil for 5 mins and then bottle. These are the instructions on the sugar packets. Check the sugar and maybe forget the book. OR come to France and buy your sugar here :-) I have never had a flop yet. Maybe I am lucky Diane
It took me 3 x to get strawberry jam right. All I can say is...3rd times a charm :-) And yes, it tastes good regardless!
Molly said…
It has been too long since I made jam... the home-made stuff is always the best.

Rose said…
I am ashamed to say this...though I have canned things, and froze fresh stuff to have in the winter, I have never made jam or jelly, except to help my mom a little. She basically did it by herself.

It looks pretty and if it tastes good, that is the important part.
Good for you for trying! I have always wanted to do this & someday I will stop putting it off.
Debbie said…
they sell jam in the food store, so i don't make it (wink)!!

sorry, i could not resist!!
Anonymous said…
I would love to try jam making! I like your can-do attitude!
Nancy Claeys said…
Have you tried the Jello jam Ellie? I haven't but I understand it's easy and basically fool proof.
ZielonaMila said…
It seems that it is wonderful recipe for titbits. I am greeting
Renae said…
Freezer Jam is my favorite to make and eat.

hi, I'm your newest follower!
Terri Buster said…
It looks tasty! I haven't ever tried making jams or jellies- but I do like to make salsa!
Too bad that your jam turned out too thick. It does look good. I am sure the next time you make it will be just the way you want it,

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