Sunday Evening

It's Sunday night already - how did that happen - it doesn't seem that long since I said thank goodness it's Friday and now the weekend is almost over. 

Oh well it's the start of a brand new week, I wonder what this week holds for us all!!

No it's not a rhubarb plant.

Karen bought me a wee plant to put on my kitchen windowsill yesterday - it is a really pretty flower. 

However I  took this picture of the stems and leaves and I think it looks kind of cool. 
I had just watered it so there are water droplets on it.  Can you see all the wee hairs on the stems - you don't notice them when you look at the flowers. 

Plants are amazing don't you think?

Have a good week everybody!!!


TexWisGirl said…
you see such great detail with your eye and camera. :)

hope you have a great week ahead, too!
Have a good week Ellie.

Fiona x
Jill said…
Always love the details you show.

Have a great Monday!
Lisa said…
That's so lovely! The detail is amazing.

I feel the same way about this weekend - it has flown by!
Love this photo, great detail.
Retirement is wonderful, Sunday or Monday, what the heck :)) Diane
Karen said…
What a pretty pink! Hope you have a good week Ellie.
Flora said…
What a pretty plant...and yes time does fly by!!
Very pretty, I love the colors. The weekends go way to fast.
Lea White said…
What a great photo! So detailed! And now you have me wondering what the flowers look like... :-)
Rose said…
Since I am late, i have done seen the flower...but this is a nice shot, too.

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