Hollow Trees

I think trees are wonderful - just think of the stories they could tell!!!
When I was out for my walk at the weekend I saw these old trees that have obviously died - totally hollow in the middle.
I love all the shapes and lines involved in them,

Hope you like them too.

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Jaymi said…
wow! looks like something out of lord of the rings!
TexWisGirl said…
lovely textures and shapes to them, still.
Mira Crisp said…
I love trees in all shapes, colors, and sizes. I would like to plant a tree every year in my yard but Mr. Crisp thinks that's a silly idea.
Sheila said…
I love trees too Ellie and these are really special , love your last photo , that is cool!
Jill said…
They made me think of Stonehedge. Great photos. Love 'em!
Filip Demuinck said…
You wonder how these trees can survive.

Sush said…
That last one looks like a great place to crawl in and have a nice nap!
Giga said…
Lubię tez takie stare drzewa , bo mają ciekawe kształty. Pozdrawiam.***I also like an old tree, because they have interesting shapes. Yours.
These trees have great shape and texture. I love taking pictures of trees like that.
I looked through your other blog too and you have some lovely photos.
Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my Teton Mountains and fence.
Karen said…
Looks like they were cut. Interesting remains!
Oooo- so much goes through my head when I see those.
I love these pictures. Very interesting looking trees.
Paul said…
Incredible looking trees! Thanks for the supportive comments recently!
Kayla said…
They look really cool in the day time....but I wonder how scared I would be at night with their odd shapes!!!
Lea White said…
I love your photos of the trees! Imagine the stories they could tell!
Rose said…
I like them...actually love that last shot. Imagine the life that has passed under their limbs.
Dianna said…
So interesting - they look like statues!
deb duty said…
Really great finds! Looks like a fun place to take a walk!

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