Local Restaurant Fire

On Sunday I dropped Emma off at work at 11 am and went to do some grocery shopping. When I was driving back to town I noticed a huge cloud of smoke. I decided to drive in to see what the problem was. One of  the local restaurants was well alight - and it was quite a bad fire. 
I have to say NOBODY was hurt and everybody was evacuated in plenty of time which is always a huge relief. 
I took a few pictures to capture the scene.  Pretty scary - there were 5 fire engines and plenty of police around. It took a good few hours to get it under control.  
 The local paper say it started in the kitchen and I have heard it may have been the pizza oven that caused it.

One of the things that worried me was that Emma just works around the corner from where the fire was - I had thought they might be evacuated but they stayed open and were in fact extremely busy. 
She finally was sent home when the power went out at around 3pm.
   I went past the building today and it is just a shell now - the roof  is down and it is totally black and there is talk that it will be demolished and rebuilt.
A real tragedy for the owners.  However they say they will rebuild it and be open again in 6 months. 
 They already have a few chic venues in and around our area and they are very nice I have eaten in a couple of them. 

This is the biggest fire I think we have ever seen here. Here's hoping it's not repeated!!!


Oh dear Ellie that is terrible
but thank heavens no one was killed or injured.

Anne said…
Sad for the owners but luckily no one hurt or dead! Have a good week:)
Jill said…
How sad! I'm thankful that Emma and everyone else is ok!
Lea White said…
Wow! That's quite a big fire! How scary, but how good that nobody got hurt and that Emma is fine! Stunning photos though!
Oh no, I hate to hear about businesses taking a hit like this. Those pizza ovens get so hot! Glad to hear no one was hurt and then Emma was able to keep on working:-).
Karen said…
Scary indeed. Great shots though.
May said…
You have captures the mishap well!! I like the restaurant owner's spirit!!!
TexWisGirl said…
i hate to see this happen! not only such an income loss for the owners, but their employees all go on to find other jobs (they have to,of course...)
Jeanne said…
So glad that no one was injured! Pretty scary when something like that happens in older buildings as it can spread so fast and demolish everything nearby too. Was Emma even aware of it, or just busy working?
Giga said…
Musiało to być dla właścicieli okropne przeżycie. Dobrze, że nikomu nic się nie stało. Pozdrawiam. *** It must have been terrible for the owners of survival. Well, that nothing serious happened. Yours.
Rose said…
I am so glad no one was hurt, and that it wasn't where your daughter was. I really admire firefighters...I don't think I am brave enough to be one.
Sush said…
How frightening for you that Emma was working so near. That was one horrendous fire. What a relief no one was hurt. Whew!

Dianna said…
Always sad to see a loss of property. Thankful that no one was hurt.
geetlee said…
gosh, that's terrible. that looks like a lot of smoke. Thank heavens everyone is OK.
Paul said…
Obviously a formidable fire! A change for you not to have nature photos! Great shots of the enormity of the fire!
This is so sad. I am glad to hear that they will be able to rebuild.
Lea White said…
Paul (http://glossaryking.blogspot.com) is having some technical difficulties tonight. He has tagged you in his latest blog entry :-).
orchid said…
Dearest, Ellie.
Oh, how frightened you must have been!!!
Thank God that everyone is OK☆☆☆
It was kind of horrible change of your pictures.
Lots of love and hugs to you, xoxo Miyako*

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