Anyone For An Orange

Can I tempt anyone with a bit of orange?
I had a strong notion for a nice juicy orange so I had to go and buy some. You could call me an impulse buyer lol. 

I have to say these are the tastiest and juiciest oranges I have ever had (I think).  In fact I enjoyed them so much I had to take picture to show you - I hope that you don't think I am too silly!!!!

The only thing wrong with juicy oranges is they are awfully messy to eat - juice everywhere!!!

Well did I tempt you?
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deb duty said…
I don't think you're silly at all! I'm always taking pics of random things! Your oranges do look delicious.
Sheila said…
They sure do look tempting , makes my mouth water , nothing nicer than a real juicy orange and aren't they pretty.
tinajo said…
I love oranges! :-)
Rebecca said…
Right now the oranges and grapefruits are delicious. I think you just reminded me to pick up some more!
Annabella said…
I`ve just eaten an orange myself - fresh from the tree!
Jill said…
You certainly tempted me! And no...I do NOT think of you as silly! I love these shots.
Giga said…
Lubię pomarańcze i nie przeszkadza mi lejący się sok. Uwielbiam Twoje pomysłowe zdjęcia. Pozdrawiam. *** I like oranges and I do not mind pouring juice. I love your creative pictures. Yours.
Calling by as another this or that participant, love Oranges. They are still in season here at the moment so am eating at least one every day.
They look delicious - I like the bottom photo. We get our oranges from Florida mostly - where do you get yours from?
TexWisGirl said…
you'll do anything for a photo op...
hannah said…
It did.
Where were they from? Sainsbury's?
Seeing Each Day said…
Mmmm... Juicy oranges always taste delicious. No I don't think it's silly at all to capture your enjoyment of something during your day- quite sensible in fact.
CameraCruise said…
You tempted me too.
Great shots.
Lea White said…
They look delicious! Must get some oranges today :-)
Paul said…
Nothing better than a lovely juicy orange! Great shots!
Kathy said…
They look so refreshing!

Tracy Wood said…
My favorite fruit - by far!!
lisa said…
You certainly did!
I love it when something so good for you tastes so good.
Great images Ellie!
Sending you wishes for a wonderful weekend!
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
OH, yes you DID tempt me(*^_^*)
I will buy some today, haha.
And I love the way you laid them♪♪♪

Love you always, xoxo Miyako*
Donna said…
No, not silly! Thank you for the reminder - I need to go pick mine, they are ready, along with my lemons!

Blessings, and enjoy those oranges!
I could totally go for one right this second : ) It looks perfectly refreshing.
I love a good orange, your photos look very tasty.
Cassie said…
Those look delicious! We have an orange tree in our backyard and its always fun to finally pick oranges in the winter when they're ripe.
Mira Crisp said…
I don't know why, but I prefer drinking orange juice with a lot of pulp to simply eating orange. Strange, I know. Ellie, you must link that first shot to my food challenge! It's wonderful!
That's a very healthy impulse buy!! We live in orange country here in Florida in the winter and it is absolutely wonderful!!!

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