Ducks and Swans

We went for our usual Sunday walk today and we decided to go to Rozelle Country Park.
It is full of lovely country walks with a varied selection of very mature trees of all kinds. 
There are also sculptures and flower beds. 
I bet in the summer it is absolutely full of colour - that is somewhere else I will need to go in the summer.
 I think my camera and I are gonna very busy this summer :))

It also has a quite large duck pond with lots of lovely ducks and a swan (I always thought where there was 1 swan there was always a mate there are well but there was just the one swan there). 
There were also a couple of squirrels but everytime I discreetly and quietly pointed my camera he scuttled off.  One day I WILL get a picture of one. 
Aren't these ducks soooo cute.

They are even cuter when they are trying to go to sleep - isn't it amazing how they manage to turn their head all the way round and bury it in their feathers. The duck nearest the pond is standing on one leg.

And here is the rather graceful swan.  
She was far more intent on eating than getting her picture taken though.

So all in all we had a really nice time this afternoon. 

 Hope you all had a lovely Sunday too and are ready to face the week ahead.


Jill said…
The ducks are darling and the graceful and elegant. Lovely!
Karen said…
Oh I love the ducks!! Great photos.
WONDERFUL pictures. What a beautiful place to take a walk.

Have a wonderful Sunday.
TexWisGirl said…
i know mallards are the most common of ducks, but i do so enjoy seeing them!
CameraCruise said…
Beautiful shots of the ducks and swan!
Love to watch those birds, thanks for sharing.
Giga said…
Kacza para na drugim zdjęciu wygląda cudownie, łabędź jak zawsze dostojny. Pozdrawiam. *** Duck pair in the second picture looks wonderful, as always stately swan. Yours.
Lea White said…
That sounds like such a lovely time you had! Love the photos of the ducks and the swan is simply beautiful!. I'm glad I'm not a duck though, looks rather uncomfortable to have to sleep like that :-)
Flora said…
Those ducks are such a handsome couple!
Jeanne said…
Your photos are really lovely and these birds are all gorgeous! Does look like a great summer photo spot, and bet there will be two swans in the summer. Have a great week Ellie!
I love the photos of the swans,they sure do look graceful.
geetlee said…
beautiful! i have never been able to get so close to the ducks, especially the mallards
Donna said…
Such wonderful creatures! Keeping their beaks warm! Wonder if this is why we figured out how and why to use their down for our pillows and comforters!

Rose said…
Nice shots, the swans. They are just so graceful.

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