The Sun Is Still Shining

Another lovely day and the sun is shining here on the normally wet - sorry I mean West Coast of Scotland.  

When I went to work this morning it was thick fog here. We don't usually get much fog here but today you could hardly see in front of you.  Driving to work was NOT fun I have to say.
 However when I came home at 2pm it was a lovely day and it's not even cold.  Very Springlike and I LOVE it.  Long may it last.
 I saw the sun shining on this leaf and just had to take a picture  - hope you like it!!!

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Both of these blogs are wonderful and you should go and see some lovely pictures there.


Your leaf is very pretty! I love days that start out gloomy and the sun peaks out in the afternoon to burn off some of the moisture. We are kind of having that day here!
TexWisGirl said…
how i'd love to take your rains - at least for about a week or two!
Eileen said…
Well seen. You have a very good eye and are brilliant at picking out the detail for your photos.
i really love that arty image!

nicely done:)
Rosie said…
How wonderful, Ellie! I must say that we are still deep in the minus degrees here - no sign of spring yet! Have a wonderful week!
Jill said…

It is beautiful here today too! :)
geetlee said…
Yayy for the sun!
That's a unique perspective on the leaf. I like the reflection of the sun on it.
Anna said…
Hi Ellie,
Although not great for driving, fog is wonderful to look at :) But the again, your captured sunlight is even better! Love that light! Is Spring coming???? One day I say "yes", another day "no" :)
Have a happy week!
lisa said…
Wow, nicely seen Ellie, and I love the angle you used here. Fog is definitely no fun, but is sometimes the sign of a nice sunny day to be.

Thank you so very much for sharing with us today at The Creative Exchange.

Have a wonderful evening!

CameraCruise said…
Beautiful, love your composition!
I guess we have much of the same weather here on the West Coast of Norway, as you have.
Have a beautiful day!
Flora said…
Lovely picture!!
Kala said…
Wonderful light in this shot.

Happy MM
I love the light shining on the leaf, very pretty. We have been having some fog where I live too. I hate driving in it.
I like how you chose to capture this image... very nice perspective!
Lea White said…
Isn't it lovely when the sun decides to come out after a not so nice start! What a lovely photo!
marit´s,,, said…
So beautiful picture, it shines so nice.

Have a nice day, hugs from Marit, Norway
Paul said…
Your camera is going to be busy when spring arrives. Great photo as always, Ellie!
deb duty said…
Beautiful light! I love it!
Kayla said…
You have such a good eye for what will make an interesting picture!
Rose said…
this is an exquisite capture...and I do like it!
Pat said…
Well-seen and photographed!
kelly said…
We are in summer here at the moment. The sun reflecting on the leaf looks good.


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