Frosty Delight

On my walk yesterday not only did I see lots of snowdrops but it was the first proper frost we have had. It was really quite chilly but it was an absolutely beautiful day. Can I have some more please :))

Anyway I thought I would share a couple of my frosty pictures.  It just makes everything look so pretty.

This leaf was just twinkling in the sunlight - I tried to capture the sparkle but didn't really manage it.

This was my favourite picture of the day - I love the redness of the leaf and frost just made it sparkle.

It just goes to show that every season has it's own treasures.
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Jill said…
Ellie...these are all fantastic! You did a great job.
So pretty - we haven't had much of a winter here, either. The frost looks so pretty - I like the little spikes on that leaf - very cool!
Jeanne said…
These are just gorgeous Ellie. You did a fantastic job of capturing these ice crystals! Beautiful!
Nadege, said…
Great captures of the little frost crystals...Love that last shot.
Susan said…
These are all amazing and my favorite is the last one too.

Hope you have a great day♥
CameraCruise said…
Gorgeous shots!
My favorite is the last one too.
Have a great day :O)
Awesome photos!
Love the last one the most. :)
Shel said…
Holy Cow those are amazing photos!! I too really love the last one - so beautiful!
Tara said…
Gorgeous, I love the last one!
Debbie said…
every season does have it treasures....if we are lucky enough to open our eyes and see them. the last one is very special!!
TexWisGirl said…
beautiful, crisp and fresh!
Karen said…
Nature...sugar coated! Awesome details Ellie! Well done.
hannah said…
Have you changed the decor?
You did well with the rime. Still, we will all be glad when it is gone again, won't we?
Pat MacKenzie said…
Your close up shots of the frost are amazing.
deb duty said…
Thank you for sharing your winter weather with us! Beautiful images and really pretty light!
Melissa Rich said…
Beautiful pics! Love the close ups ;)
patty said…
so pretty! i love morning photos in the frost or dew... sparklesparklesparkle! :)
Gina Kleinworth said…
What beautiful frost!!!
Faith said…
These are SO beautiful!! Love the creative perspective of these.
Beautiful photogrphs Ellie (as always)!

Hope that everything is well with you.
Love your daughter's song, gorgeous.

Have you had snow?

I am hoping we escape it, we have rain today.

Take care and keep warm.

geetlee said…
frost does look pretty! must've been cold though. brrr
Kala said…
Love the images of the frost. The leaf in that last photo looks like it's been sprinkled with sugar!
elizabeth said…
Wow it's hard to imagine its so cold there when it's 83 degrees herein Florida today
Love your frost photos - makes me miss "seasons"
Rose said…
Ellie, I sure wish I could have been with you. I love that first and last shot especially.

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