Soup and Cookies

 I've had quite a productive day today between one thing and another.  But I have to admit to not rising from my kip (sleep) until 9am. I don't normally lie in that late but this morning I did - I reckon I must have needed it!!

 Once I was finally ready for the day I went out and did my grocery shopping - a job I really don't like but is a necessity.

Once home from that and having got lunch out of the way I decided I wanted to make a BIG pot of soup. 

 I make vegetable soup - mainly because it is the best way to get veg into my family.  Now I really enjoy my veg but the rest of them don't.  So I put leek, onion, carrots, swede, potato and best of all brussel sprouts (I love brussel sprouts:))  along with all that goes stock and red lentils.  I leave it to simmer for a few hours and then mash it up a bit and voila a tasty pot of soup. My family love it and are always asking me to make it.

You canny beat a bowl of soup - the best comfort food around!!!

After making that I decided to make some cookies. Karen is the main baker in the house now and I don't normally get a look in  - but today I did.  So I made some double chocolate chip cookies. 
 They did turn out quite good.  You know there is the magical time to take them out of the oven - just before they go to crispy!!!

For desert tonight we had said cookies and mint choc chip ice-cream. I was getting praise all around for my cookies - now that can't be bad eh?  I had better watch or they will get used to this great cooking lol.

A couple of pictures of my winning cookies.  I have to admit though - they were quite good :)))

Hope everybody is having a good weekend.


TexWisGirl said…
you are evil, ellie! purely evil!!! :)
Kala said…
Ooooh! They look delicious!
Jill said…
Oh Ellie! Such temptation and I am trying to be so good!

Might I ask...what is swede in your soup?
Dianna said…
Mmmm.... bet your house smelled great with all that cooking going on. I, too, wonder what "swede" is??
By the way, sometimes I forward your posts to my son. He loves reading your words and phrases that are so different from ours!
You will have to explain what a swede is in a future blog post:-)...your soup sounds wonderful and very healthy, Ellie! Love all of the veggies in here:-).
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
Wow, yummy yummy♡♡♡ I would love to be with really tasty looking cookies and vegetable soup!!!
Your picture made my mouth watching, p;)
I admire the way you think about your family's health, as well.
Love you always, xoxo Miyako*
Lea White said…
I actually like brussel sprouts too :-). The only soup I can make is vegetable soup.
I agree with soup is one of the best comfort foods. Your soup and cookies look delicious!
Pat MacKenzie said…
I made my own special comfort soup yesterday - so good to heat up a bowl after shovelling a foot of snow from the driveway! I love the way you served the cookies and ice cream together.
Kayla said… time, invite me over. I have no idea what swede is either....wonder if there is an American equivalent?!? I also love that this is the way you get your "veg" into your family!
Rose said…
I was hungry before I read this, and now I am definitely going to go find food! I love soups....could about live on them and be perfectly content.

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