Another Springtime Flower

Saturday evening was a a quiet one - Karen was out with her boyfriend, Laura was at the pictures with her boyfriend  to see Daniel Radcliffe's  (Harry Potter) new film The Woman in Black.  
This is a horror film and according to Laura was indeed very scary - I'm afraid he will always be Harry Potter to me!!! 
 Emma was out at a ceilidh being held in our local town hall. Ceilidh's are GREAT fun - I have been to a few. 
In fact I went to one when I was about 4 months pregnant with Emma, it is quite energetic dancing I was dancing so much people were telling me to sit down - but I was having so much fun. 
 Emma agrees with me - they are great.

Well Sunday - everybody was home. That doesn't happen very often - there is usually somebody not here - usually Laura. I have to say it is nice to have my brood all around me. 

I went for a walk in the afternoon - well the sky was blue so I had to take advantage of it!  
Spring is definately coming and there is a wee bit of colour appearing.

 I found this little crocus - isn't it pretty?

 It is very delicate looking - but I think it can't be all that delicate flowering at this time of the year!  It is such a pretty colour too.

Hope everybody has a great new week.

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Leovi said…
Beautiful photo, a flower with delightful colors. I like, I wish you a happy week.
Dianna said…
Amazing little crocus. It's wonderful that they - and pansies - can survive such cold weather.
Have a good day, Ellie!
That was nice to have your entire family together yesterday.
Lea said…
Such a beauty!
Spring is almost here.
Happy Macro Monday!
Lea's Menagerie
Jill said…
Lovely, little flower! It makes me wish I had planted some.

Becky and I saw the same movie this weekend. I have to say, Daniel Radcliff did a great job of erasing Harry Potter in this role. He has really grown up!
Riet said…
That is asuch a lovely flower. Love the color.
TexWisGirl said…
i know you were a happy mom to have her 3 girls around. :)
Karen said…
Oh, how pretty!
I love crocus flowers, I must go and look if mine are up, I had not even thought of them! Diane
Jeanne said…
Love the looks of that little crocus! How fun... a celidh! I have actually been to one of those when I was staying on an island off the coast of New Brunswick. Lovely! Hurry up spring!!
Beautiful flower and photo.

Regards and best wishes
Kaya said…
Beautiful, beautiful and wonderful!!!!!

I love this photograph, I love the modesty of this little and fragile flower and amazing softness.

This is a splendid photo work!!!

Greetings from Kaya.
lisa said…
What a beautiful find Ellie!! I am hoping to see these here before too much longer, but I think that may be wishful thinking.

I agree with you about Daniel Radcliffe...he will always be Harry Potter to me also!

Thank you so much for sharing with us today at The Creative Exchange.

Have a wonderful evening!

I love ceilidhs too Ellie though I am not that good with my co ordination in some of the dances. Lovely macro too.
Anonymous said…
So beautiful... they come up first here too... although I haven't seen our first yet!
Giga said…
Już krokusy, miło popatrzeć :-). Pozdrawiam. *** Already crocuses, nice to look at :-). Yours.
Anna said…
Hi Ellie,
Oh my, am I jealous! Flowers actually blooming, my favorite color, and so beautiful!!!!! You are fortunate - we on the other hand, have 9 days of snow in our forecast!
Sounds like you have a house full of girls. Girls are so fun to have/raise :)
Have a great week!
I agree with you I love when all my kids are home, it such a good feeling. I love the photo of the crocus, they are one of my favorite flowers in the spring.
Jama said…
Gorgeous flower, I love the colour.
Kala said…
Very pretty! Love the color.

Happy MM
geetlee said…
lovely! great to know you had a happy Sunday with your family :)
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
I love to read you said, "it is nice to have my brood all around me". I remember my Mom was always waiting for me to visit. Haha, her 13th memorial service is comimg soon.

Lovely spring calling crocus♡♡♡

Love you always, xoxo Miyako*
CameraCruise said…
Beautiful shot of the gorgeous flower.
Would love to see them here soon.
Have a great day.
Tricia said…
Oh, that crocus is beautiful. I can't wait to see some flowers around here :)
Tezzie said…
That is so pretty!! I can't wait until the little crocuses start popping up here, about 2½ months time :)
How pretty to see that brave little flower, especially when it's still winter!

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