Dandelions and Geese

I have no new pictures for today so I have had to go through my old pictures to find something I liked.  

I love these fairy dandelion heads. They are such a nuisance as weeds but they are pretty. 

On Friday I was on my tea break at work and was sitting in the staffroom with one of my colleagues. She suddenly shouted at me "look out the window", so I did. Directly overhead three geese were flying - they were so close. 
I've never seen them so close before and they looked amazing. 
I really wished I had my camera with me - but I didn't so I will just have to try and remember it. 

Ah well, Monday again tomorrow - hope you all have a great week ahead.


I try to have my camera with me all the time. but so often I still get caught out!! Love the dandelion. Diane
Debbie said…
even though my camera is always close, sometimes i just sit back and enjoy the view as i know the movement of me getting up will chase my birdies away!!

and never leave home without the camera ;)))
Jill said…
I love this picture. I also think the dandelion heads are gorgeous!
CameraCruise said…
Love your dandelion, beautiful photo.
TexWisGirl said…
at least you got to see them fly by! :)
Lea White said…
How special to see them fly by! And what a beautiful photo you chose to share with us!
Sheila said…
I have to agree that dandelions are pretty when in seed and also in bloom , even weeds can be pretty :-)Geese are huge aren't they , there are several that fly overhead here all the time and I really love to watch them , never have had time to grab the camera .
Karen said…
One of my fave flowers Ellie. A weed is just a misplaced flower really. A terrific shot!
EG Wow said…
Very nice shot of the dandelion seedhead. Dandelions really are quite pretty and we'd probably love them if they weren't everywhere in the spring!
Paul said…
The geese must have been an amazing sight. Not something I get to see around where I live!
Eileen said…
Love the dandelion. This is the sort of photo I really like, but seem unable to take myself!
Tracy Wood said…
We had a close fly-by of about 20 geese once.... really dramatic! and noisy! Have a great week!
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
I loved the beautiful white fairy dandelion heads. Reminds me of young days of blowing them♡♡♡
Oh, it must be amazing seeing geese flying close by, I just can imagine crows (^^;)
Love you always, xoxo Miyako
deb duty said…
Such a great dandelion photo! We don't have a lot of them around here so you have to look for them. I've spotted a few already. Now I just need to have my camera with me so I get a few captures next time!
Rose said…
Very nice picture of the dandelion!

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