Saturday Reflection

Wow today's weather has alternated between rain, hail-stones and snow along with the usual gusty wind. I don't think I will be venturing very far from the house today!!! 
I had hoped to go out to take some pictures but somehow I think I might wait until tomorrow.

Yesterday was quite exciting in our house.  Emma, who will be finishing school in June, went for an interview at a local university for teacher training. 
It is a 4 year degree course in primary school teaching. 
It isn't her first choice and is still waiting to hear from other courses she has applied for.
She said she was quite happy with how it went and she answered all of the questions asked of her.  They will let her know in a few weeks. 
It is quite an exciting time for her - waiting to see what her future holds (quite scary for me though).

 Anyway I took this picture a couple of weeks ago and wanted to link it up to

Beautiful pictures of reflections there you should go and see for yourself - just click the link.


Ebie said…
That's a spring flower for us here in Southern California, forgot the name, but it has the word drop, as one of its name.

Good luck to Emma, and wishing you the sunniest weather!
Hi Ellie,

We have had the same sort of weather here in Ireland too,
sunny this morning, now hailstones and sleet....

Wishing Emma the very best of luck
I hope everything works out well for her.

x Fiona
Żaneta said…
I keep my fingers crossed for Emma! Everything will work out happily! I also wish it!
TexWisGirl said…
your weather sounds nasty! i am loving that we got some rain here overnight!!! :)
Anonymous said…
How pretty, I love the light & shadow play! =)
Jill said…
You sure are having a mixed bag of weather, you dear girl. Glad you don't have to be out it in.

Good luck to Emma!

Wonderful photo.
Ellie - How exciting for Emma.

The weather sounds dreadful. Ours has been a bit dull, as we are in the middle of a drought, and have only had one-half of the normal rainfall this winter.

Beautiful flower picture, but I don't know the name. :)Have a great weekend - Marsha
A pretty spring flower. Stay warm over there!
Donna said…
Beautiful picture, Ellie!

Good luck to your daughter! This is an exciting time for her. Don't worry too much, Mom. She'll get through it with flying colors. Most times they change their minds either 1/2 way through and a few years later. Never know what their future holds, but it's so exciting for them - the sky's the limit!

Lowell & Faye said…
Those flowers are snowdrops. Here in Michigan they come up and bloom through the snow in very late winter or very early spring. At least, normally that's what happens. This winter, there has been so little snow that they may just end up being drops.
I love the picture of the flower, reminds of spring. Good luck to Emma.
Paul said…
I know about the scary bit as Kate is off to Uni on Wednesday. I'm sure whatever Emma does will make you proud!
Lea White said…
Stunning photo. And good luck to Emma, I'm sure that whatever she ends up doing you will be so proud of her!
geetlee said…
beautiful pic Ellie! love the grain and texture of the background.
Beautiful composition and light.

Regards and best wishes

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