Some Christmas Baking

I had so many posts I wanted to do before Christmas but time just got away from me.

So I thought I'd show you some of the many cakes that Karen produced before Christmas (there are a few more but I thought this would do for now) :))

This first is one she made for her sister Laura, isn't it cute? 
Laura loves penguins so that is where she got the idea from.

This is a cookie Christmas tree.  
So unusual (I've not seen one before) and so very tasty - I am going to get so tubby!!!

And this one is our Christmas cake - it's not a great shot of it but the detail in that church is amazing. 

And here is her gingerbread house.  She put a wee tea light inside of it to make it look cozy. 
I can't get over her imagination - I think she made 10 cakes in total and every one is different.  
The problem now is that she is just a wee bit fed of cake making and could do with a break from it for a while. Which is just as well, it's going to take us ages to get through it all. 
I wish I could send you all a piece - if only to stop me from eating it all :))


TexWisGirl said…
she really is talented! so cute! love the penguins.
Giga said…
Ciasta wyglądają tak pięknie, że żal by mi było je jeść. Pozdrawiam.
Cakes look so beautiful that I had to feel sorry for them to eat. Yours.
Debbie said…
Soooo amazing!! I love the tree, but all the cakes are beautiful as well!
Jeanne said…
Such great shots of these amazing cakes. Your daughter is a cake wizard! She really does a lovely job!
Kerri said…
What an awesome talent your daughter has!! These look almost too good to eat..... almost! I would love to share it with you!!
Karen looks like she has been very busy. Her cakes are absolutely amazing. I wish I was as talented as she is.
Bev said…
WOW they look great!!
Kayla said…
Adorable. It has to be so great to just sit and admire the creativity that oozes out of your daughter. She had to get it from somewhere, you know....
wow!! those are great!! what talent! i'd hate to eat them!

i love the penguin cake & the tree!!!
geetlee said…
Karen is so talented! I love the white cake with the snow and the church. Absolutely beautiful!
Rose said…
Karen is so talented...I love the Christmas tree cake. I have never seen anything like it nor would I have ever thought of it. Then the other one I really love is the church. But all are wonderful.

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