Santa Claus

Tonight we had a very special person come around to visit our houses. 

Yup it was Santa Claus!!!

The local Round Table organise this surprise every year. 

I can remember when the girls were wee and Santa would pay us a visit.  He used to come to the front door and talk to them.  
In fact one year I actually knew who Santa was and he called Karen by her name and she was amazed that Santa actually knew her name. 
The look on her face was one to behold I can tell you :))

If you look really closely you might be able to see the man himself crouching down and talking to a couple of youngsters and probably making their night - they will go to bed happy I think :))

Well my girls might be getting older and wiser but they still like to wave as Santa goes by (I was there waving too)!!!


TexWisGirl said…
what a sweet neighborhood tradition! :)
Sandra said…
We are all kids at heart, Ellie!
How nice that Santa makes his rounds to the houses. I am sure the kids love it.
Paul said…
A wonderful personal tradition! Xmas is a magical time. Children grow up too fast these days.
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
Lovely Christmas photo♡♡♡
Love you always from Japan, xoxo Miyako*
I would have been as well! Isn't it wonderful to see the excitement in a child's eyes and the innocence of your daughters. Beautiful memories! Joan
Debbie said…
Our town does this also, it's just wonderful for everyone!!!
CameraCruise said…
What a great tradition!
Wish you a great weekend.
fun tradition!
BE merry!!
Nancy Claeys said…
A wonderful and memorable tradition for your girls. xo
Pat MacKenzie said…
What a lovely tradition. I can just imagine the excitement of the young children to actually have Santa visit their homes.
How lovely good to see children still believe in Santa even though they have technology!! :) Makes me happy and smile a lot :) x
So much fun! it's always exciting to see Santa!
Mary x
Rose said…
I do see Santa! Your tale makes me wonder what Lorelei would do if he came to her house.

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