My Weekend

small rose 2

This weekend has been quite a busy one for me.  

Laura and Kevin were coming through on Saturday - and it's always lovely to see them.  Laura is 22 weeks pregnant now - that's over half way there!!! 
 Laura is a very slim girl but is now just starting to have a lovely pregnancy bump and she is absolutely blooming and looking lovely. She is keeping well apart from some back pain which they think may be a trapped nerve - hopefuly that will get better quickly.

On Saturday evening my Sis-in-law, had asked me if I wanted to go to a Dickens Christmas reading.  Now that is something I wouldn't normally go to but I thought why not - and there was a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie, who could say no to that :)) 
 I have to say it was a very pleasant evening. 
Anne and I had a good blether (not during the reading, I hasten to add) and the narrator read the Scrooge story - he was very good.

Sunday it was a day of what should I do first. Housework, Christmas card writing, present wrapping, hoovering, cooking.  So many things to do!!!

Well, I did some housework, Danny and I went for a walk along the beach (wait a minute that wasn't on my list!) it was a lovely walk and we took the camera and got some quite good pictures. 
I made some dinner and I did write some Christmas cards but still got quite a lot to do and I never wrapped any presents. 

Oh well there is always tomorrow :))

I also wanted to say that my heart goes out to everybody that was affected by the terrible tragedy that happened in Newtown primary school. 
I can't watch the news as it is just so upsetting.
 I don't suppose we will ever know why individuals do these terrible acts. 


Dianna said…
I'm glad you went for the beach walk with Danny. That's more important than all those other chores...!
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
The picture of rose is beautiful♡♡♡
Lovely to be able to have a walk with yur hasband♬♬♬ (due to my husband's handicap with his legs, we cannot enjoy it togather)
I DO hope your daughter and the baby are and will be fine (haha, normally time flies but may not be for you now).
Have a wonderful week and Love you always from Japan, xoxo Miyako*
Sandra said…
What a lovely deep red rose surrounded by two bright yellow ones.
How lovely to go to a Dickens Christmas reading. I love "A Christmas Carol" and the character of Scrooge is excellent. I love to watch the film each year with actor Albert Finney!
Mmmmmm! Mulled wine and mince-pies, my favourite Christmas treats.
Have a lovely family Christmas, Ellie, granny to be! Sandra
Nancy Claeys said…
Beautiful image Ellie!

Love the idea of a Dickens reading.

Trying to move on from this weekend. It's hard.
Buttons said…
Oh Ellie the roses are beautiful and so is the thoughts of you in my mind enjoying your family and the holidays. B
Jeanne said…
Ellie so glad that you had such a lovely weekend... and what a blessing to have that unscheduled walk. Glad that your daughter is doing well, and before you know it, you will be a grandma. It is a tragedy what happened in Connecticut. I was practically wordless about it. You just get "stuck" on what to say! Makes you appreciate all of the many blessings in your own life and gives you such a heavy heart for the families of those vicitms.
Sheila said…
Beautiful roses and your weekend sounded lovely , a walk on the beach sounded perfect !Hope your daughter continues to do well with her pregnancy . I know what you mean about those poor innocent children and adults , it just does not make sense and I also have not been able to watch the news .
TexWisGirl said…
i am glad you had a wonderful weekend. sometimes chores can wait.
Paul said…
My love is like a red red rose...beautiful. A pleasant walk sounds a lot more fun!
Giga said…
Masz rację, zawsze jest jutro , a dzisiaj było trochę przyjemności. Pozdrawiam.
You're right, there is always tomorrow, and today was a bit of fun. Yours.
Debbie said…
A walk on the beach is much better then watching the news! Gorgeous image Ellie!
Kerri said…
That sounds like an absolutely wonderful weekend!!
Rose said…
This is a beautiful shot. Hard to believe your daughter is over half way there. Just think, this time next year you will have a grandchild to buy for!
Lasse said…
Beautiful image Ellie and don't stress too much. Merry Christmas !

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