A Busy Kitchen

I was going to post some pictures from our walk along the beach on Sunday but Karen has been super busy in the kitchen.  
She is making lots of Christmas cakes.  
Four of her workmates have asked her to make sponge cakes for them.  She spent all day yesterday baking and today she is decorating - and she is singing away to herself - a sure sign she is in her element and really enjoying herself :))

There is however one drawback to all of this productivity - my kitchen is a disaster zone - mess everywhere!!!!
 I'm definately NOT posting a picture of that :))

But I will show a picture of all that she has made so far. 
 You see those tubs on the left, there are full of ginger sheets for making a gingerbread house - I can't wait to see that when it is finished :)
   I've always meant to make a gingerbread house but never got around to it. 

I'll be sure to put some pictures up of the finished products. She has already made a wee santa to put on top of one the cakes - sooooo cute, lol.

Do you see how dark it is out of the window - it really is like that here at the moment - rain, rain, rain - and so grey.

This also means I can put my beach shots up on another day :)


Kerri said…
Always nice to have a baker in the family!! Oh I can't wait to see the gingerbread house!!!
Kayla said…
Can't wait to see the finished products!
Nancy Claeys said…
Must be so gratifying to be able to actually sell one's baking products.

They look delish!
Sandra said…
The gingerbread house will be something to look forward to seeing! Especially as you have never got a 'round tuit'! Don't laugh at the spelling, someone really did give me 'a round tuit' once for a joke!
Sheila said…
It looks like your kitchen turned into a bakery , can't wait to see the gingerbread house ,I made them every year when the boys were young , they loved to help decorate:-)
Debbie said…
i would love to have my own personal baker in the house, (well i kinda do, but it's me)!!

i am so happy people are buying her wonderful products, supporting a young, local girl!!

i can't wait to see the gingerbread houses!!
Rohrerbot said…
Way to go!!!! Isn't it wonderful? The smells in the kitchen.....the productive feeling you get.....and the magic of baking:) Very nice! I think a lot of people are going to be happy:)
TexWisGirl said…
can't wait to see them. i love that this makes her happy. :)
Buttons said…
Oh this looks like fun. I am in the middle of baking dutch cookies called Speculaas My Hero's favourite.
I cannot wait to see what else turns up in your wonderful smelling (I am imagining this) kitchen next. Merry Christmas Ellie. B
Rose said…
I love it that your daughter has so much fun baking!
Karen has really been busy, can I borrow her please? My grandson is supposed to be making a gingerbread house for Christmas Day, but we'll see.

Karen looks like she has been very busy. I can't wait to see the finished products.
Jeanne said…
How fun to have your daughter at home doing all of that baking! Will look forward to seeing your photos of the gingerbread house when it is done. Have a wonderful Christmas Ellie!
Bev said…
Yes she has been busy!! And I can imagine the kitchen:)))
My, that's a lot of cooking!! Can't wait to see the finished gingerbread house (shame I can't taste it too! hee hee) :)
Oh lots of yummies! I have been seeing those tiered cooling racks everywhere lately - I think I need one too!
mmmmmmm...i can smell everything!!

i'm not much of a baker myself...but it would be nice to have someone else in the kitchen doing all that hard work!! ha!! i don't mind cleaning up afterward!!
Paul Forster said…
Karen sure has been productive! Have a wonderful Xmas, Ellie! Thanks for your regular visits to our blog!

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