Shades of Green

I haven't wanted to venture very far (apart from work and I really didn't want to venture there either, lol) due to the heavy downpours we have been having. So when I did the pictures from yesterdays's post I did some green shots too so I could post onto
 new link up  

Our Karen turns 21 tomorrow. 
I can hardly believe it - how do I ever have two daughers in their 20's and one of 17.
Surely I can't be that old!!!!

We are all going out for dinner tomorrow to celebrate so that should be lovely.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, whatever you are doing :))


TexWisGirl said…
these are beautiful, ellie! happy birthday to your lovely daughter. :)
Crafty Gardener said…
Lovely photos after the rain. I'm visiting from Green Day.
sexta-feira said…
Happy birthday to your daughter!
Your pictures are... (let me create a word here) thirst-quenching! It's so hot here that looking at them made me feel better!
Sherri B. said…
Your rain drop photos are so lovely! I relate so much to your disbelief about having daughters who are all grown daughter turned 21 two weeks ago. The time flies way too quickly. Enjoy the birthday celebration! :)
Fiona said…
Hi Ellie,

A big congrats to Karen for tomorrow!
21 wow what a special age.

I am like you and can't believe I have two in their twenites and one of 17, I only feel that I myself am in my 20s
but unfortunately the body lets me down!

Love your gorgeous raindrop photos
they are so so pretty and so fresh.

Thanks for linking up.

Enjoy the birthday celebrations.


Fiona x
Cloudy said…
Oh ja, es passt wunderbar zum Thema, was wären wir ohne kleine Regentropfen...

Lieben Gruß
Raindrops make such excellent photos, it's just not so good being out in them.
Excellent photos Ellie
We've had our fair share of rain in Cornwall too the past few months...when will Summer arrive?? Love your photos, especially the raindrop shot. Visting via green day :)
I do like photos of raindrops on leaves. The one that has the reflection in the dangling raindrop is fantastic!
Eileen said…
Beautiful photos, Ellie. And no, of course you're not old enough to have two daughters in their 20s - must be a mistake somewhere!!!

Happy birthday to Karen, hope she has a lovely day.
These are fantastic photos. I am sure that your daughter has had the key of the door for sometime but please wish her a very happy birthday. Diane
Giga said…
Wszystkiego najlepszego dla córki. Twoje "mokre" zdjęcia są bardzo ładne. Pozdrawiam.
All the best for their daughter. Your "wet" pictures are very nice. Yours.
Jill said…
Stunning! Love those raindrops.

Happy Birthday to your dear daughter, Karen! Have fun celebrating!
eileeninmd said…
These are lovely captures. I love the raindrops. Happy Birthday to your Karen, I wish her a great day.
Anne said…
Ellie, I'm stopping by from Fiona's Green Day link. I love the pics with the rain drops. There really nice.
Lisa Gordon said…
These are really beautiful, Ellie, especially the second one.
Wishing Karen a very Happy Birthday!
It all goes by too quickly, doesn't it????
Kristin_Texas said…
Really pretty! Hopefully, our flowers will get a nice drink tomorrow too.

orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
Beautiful pictures of raindrops again (oh, I am hoping you will able to have sunshine soon, my friend!!!)

Wow, happy birthday to your Karen♡♡♡
have a wonderful dinner tomorrow and wishing you marvelous weekend.

Sending you love from Japan, xoxo Miyako*
Yiota said…
Hi, Ellie!
Happy Birthday to your daughter! 21.
Wonderful age!
Love your images; they're so fresh!!!
Have fun today!
Rita said…
Good captures all. My favorite is the water drop dripping of the stem.

I understand how you feel, my daughter will be forty-two next month. Where does the time go.
Really fantastic pictures Ellie! you are a great photographer. Happy B/day to your daughter - my eldest is now 17 - i can't believe it!
Mary x
CameraCruise said…
Beautiful photos!
Happy Birthday to your daughter.
happy birthday to your daughter!!
i know, it's hard to believe the years go by. i have 2 sons...27 and 30!! wow!!

and i LOVELOVE your raindrop pictures!!
Rose said…
Nice, wet shots!

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