Beautiful Planet

 You must know by now how much I really enjoy my evening strolls along the beach.  Well the other night I took myself off to se what I could see.

I have to say the sky looked amazing and I saw this and just had to take a picture.

I just LOVE it!!!

You can even see the sky reflected in the water.  Sometimes this world of ours is amazing. 
I'm so glad I went for my walk, it definately ended the day beautifully for me :))

Even the seaweed looked quite nice
(or as nice as seaweed can look) maybe it was just the mood I was in :)) 
 I really like how this was just laid out on the ground just waiting for me to come along with my camera. 

Karen got the news today that she has passed the course that she is doing and can definately go to University to do her degree in Digital Arts.  Yay, I am so pleased for her.  
She has put soooo much effort and work into it.

Now we are just waiting for Emma's results to come in August.  Speaking of Emma, it is her prom on monday night. 
 You just know I'll take pictures of her :))

Exciting times lie ahead I can tell!!! 

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Eileen said…
Congratulations to Karen.

Beautiful photo, Ellie. As I've said before, you have a very good eye!
Giga said…
Masz rację, że wodorosty ślicznie na piasku wyglądają. Ponadto masz powód żeby być dumną z córki. Pozdrawiam.
You are right that the seaweed on the sand look pretty. In addition, you have reason to be proud of her daughter. Yours.
CameraCruise said…
Beautiful shots.
Congrats to your daughter.
Wish you a wonderful weekend.
TexWisGirl said…
this is absolutely spectacular, ellie! really, really gorgeous!!!

congrats to your daughter!!!
Jill said…
That is a masterpiece!! You must frame it.

Congrats to your daughters!
What a gorgeous photo. I love sunsets but with water as well..... Diane
Bev said…
Beautiful sky...and sea weed!!
Lisa Gordon said…
Exciting times indeed, Ellie, and a big congratulations to Karen!!

Both of these images are wonderful, but the first one is truly breathtaking. I love the wonderful layers of color in it. Beautifully captured by you!

Fingers crossed for Emma, and sure looking forward to those prom photographs!
busybusybeejay said…
Congrats to your daughter.Love the photos.You live in a beautiful place.
Molly said…
Congratulations to your daughter... love the moody stormy sky shot

Sheila said…
Great pictures Ellie , are you sure there isn't a mermaid under that green seaweed ;-) Congratulations to Karen.
Annmarie Pipa said…
congrats to your daughter!!
a beautiful photo..
Mira Crisp said…
Love (LOVE!) that reflection! You have a good eye... :)
bettyl said…
The seaside it always wonderful to photograph. Lovely capture.
Susan said… beautiful!!
Debbie said…
gorgeous images ellie, that first one really is something special!!

congrats to karen, fingers crossed for emma!!
Elaine A. said…
There is nothing like the sky at the beach. Gorgeous!!
Rose said…
Oh, that is good news for Karen...Congratulations to her...and I love your top photo, too.
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
How gorgeous of your picyure of the sky reflected in the water♡♡♡
Yey, Congratulations to Karen and hope the bright future for the digital art field☆☆☆

Love you always, xoxo Miyako*
I love a walk along a beach - you'd think I'd get enough of it here at work but looking over the edge of the boat at the Atlantic isn't the same.

That's a great picture of the beach and sky with Arran and Argyll in the background.
Lea White said…
Congrats to your daughter! Wow, what an amazing photo of the sky!
Lea White said…
Congrats to your daughter! Wow, what an amazing photo of the sky!
Kayla said…
You do have a very good eye. The sea shots look sort of live in a magical place. I love the swirls in the sand around the seaweed too! Proud of your girls...I am sure Emma will come out just fine on her exams.

i love sky reflections in water...this is great!!

congrats to karen!
Laurel's Quill said…
Stunning photo, Ellie. Nothing like a sunset to inspire wonder and awe!! You captured it beautifully. Laurel
Jeanne said…
This really is an incredible photo of the ocean. So powerful looking. just love it. Also, congratulations to Karen on going to university! Know that is exciting. Next will come Emma's good results. Bet she will have a wonderful time at the prom. Anxious to see the photos. Also Ellie, thanks so much for the good wishes. Jeanne
That was good news for Karen, congratulations to her. Love the photos.
tinajo said…
Amazing and beautiful! :-)
Betty Manousos said…
congrats to karen.
i love sunsets and your sunset capture is really amazing, dear ellie!

gorgeous shots!
Betty Roan said…
Congratulations to Karen! Can't wait to see Emma's Prom dress. And love those WOW images!
geetlee said…
The first shot is amazing! I love the reflection of the sky in water.

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