Well,  Emma survived the day after her prom. Although by the time she finished work and got home it was about 6 pm and she was exhausted.  So she went for a lie down and instantly fell asleep for about an hour and a half when I had to finally wake her up for her dinner.  She had her dinner and decided she wanted to go out and visit her friend - where do they get their stamina from. I wish I had just a wee bit of  it.
It turns out that everybody had a great time and really enjoyed their prom.

I was surprised and delighted to be nominated for a couple of awards at the weekend.  First of all Jeanne at thebutterflymetamorphosis nominated me for The Versatle Blogger Award.
Jeanne has a lovely blog and she takes some wonderful pictures. Her blog is definitely worth a visit.

The rules are to give seven piece of information about yourself that may be unknown.
Here we go:

1. I seriously considered doing a course in midwifery after my 2nd daughter was born but finally decided that I wanted to have three children and never took up the training.

2.  I am a fully qualified massage therapist and reflexologist - I had to give it up a few years ago due to carpal tunnel syndrome.

3. I'd love to do a bit more travelling around the world - we will have to see about that one!!!

4.  I was a big fan of Donny Osmond when I was in my teens (I'm blushing now - did I really let you all know that!!!) lol.

5. I lived in a town called Gwelo in Rhodesia in the very early 1970's when I was a wee girl.

6.  It is no secret but I am very proud of my girls and how they are getting on in their lives. 

7.  I married the boy that lived across the road  from me (still married to him too)

Phew that took me ages to think of these things. It is quite hard work you know!!!

Not only was I nominated for the above award but pembrokeshirelass  awarded me these:

Pembrokeshire Lass lives in Wales and has some tales of her life there along with some beautiful pictures. Her blog is also definitely worth a visit.
For the Sunshine Award
I have to answer some questions:
Favourite Colour.... Blues and yellows
Favourite Animal...  Elephant (don't ask)
Favourite Number... Not sure I have a favourite number
Favourite Drink.......I do enjoy a good cappuccino coffee
Facebook or Twitter........ Neither
My Passion........My lovely family
Giving or Getting Presents........I love to give but I also like to get ;) !!!
Favourite Day.......Saturday
Favourite Flowers.........Fuschia
Now with both of these awards the rule is to pass on to other bloggers that you admire.  But the trouble is I admire you all and find it difficult to pass on to just a few. So if you feel so inclined please feel free to join in.  I hope that you don't mind me doing this.
Many thanks once again to the two lovely ladies who nominated me for these lovely awards - I am truly touched. 


TexWisGirl said…
congrats, ellie! donnie osmond. :) purple socks!
Lisa Gordon said…
Congratulations, Ellie!
So truly well-deserved.

I smile when you ask about the stamina of a young person. I often find myself wondering the same. I used to be able to stay out until 3:00 am, and be up at 5:00 to get ready for work. Oh, I do miss those days sometimes!
Hi Ellie, lovely prom photo's of Emma and I loved the shoes!!
Yes, some of their stamina would be good, but I guess we've had our turn, we weren't always this old, haha.
Debbie said…
congrats ellie, i am proud to say, i knew you when....

you forgot your favorite word "wee"!! haha

ohhhh and copy these and put them on your sidebar, for everyone to see!!
Sheila said…
Congrats on the awards , it was fun reading about you and want everyone a Donnie fan ;-)
Rose said…
I always enjoy reading these...feels like we get to know each other better.
Congratulations on the awards. They couldn't go to a better person!
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
Congratulations on your awards♡♡♡
Yeah, I feel like I got to know you better.
And I smile a little to read that you love "elephant(don't ask)" we know it already don't we♬♬♬

Lots of hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako
Paul said…
I know how you feel about being a proud parent. We are proud of our girls too!
Goodness, I wonder if we ever met in Gwelo, I used to go there regularly for horse shows and the annual show??
It is a small world. I think you are much younger than me though so perhaps we would have missed each other :(( Diane
Just checked dates, I was riding at Gwelo during the 60's and 70's maybe..... Diane
Kayla said…
Congratulations! Don't be ashamed about Donny. My younger sister was in a show with him when she was like 10 (Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat)...he was super nice. Oh, and how about this....I am a certified massage therapist too, not a reflexologist, though my final paper in school was about reflexology!
Congratulations on your awards Ellie.
busybusybeejay said…
Congrats on your award.Well deserved.
Mira Crisp said…
Congrats! :) Since you are so kind to invite us all to join in, I will answer the questions here if you don't mind it...
Favourite Colour.... white
Favourite Animal... green tree lizard! LOL I fell in love with them here in Florida
Favourite Number... 7?
Favourite Drink.......water
Facebook or Twitter........ Facebook to stay in thouch with friends and family
My Passion........taking pictures
Giving or Getting Presents........both
Favourite Day.......Sunday
Favourite Flowers.........Gardenia

There you go! Now, I am off to share this on Facebook :)
Fiona said…
Congrats Ellie x
Jeanne said…
My goodness , I thought that i had already left a comment here, but.... anyway, thought it was so interesting that you had considered midwifery at one time. I actually had considered that too and nearly did it as I was getting my masters degree. Love you post here!

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