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It has been a really miserable day here weather wise!!!  Rain, gusty wind and very chilly. I don't know what happened to our wonderful temperatures of 3 weeks ago.  But it definately feels like autumn now.  
Here is a horrible thought - maybe our summer was the good weather of 3 weeks ago. Nooooooooo!!!!!

As a result of this not so good weather, I've not been out to take pictures and I'm feeling just a wee bit stir crazy. 

I found these pictures of some lovely wild flowers from recent  walks and decided to post them.  
A post just doesnt feel right to me if I don't have some pictures to put up!

Dan is in the process of laying our lovely red carpet at the moment and should be, hopefully, finished by Sunday evening.  I have to say it is looking rather good, I just knew a red carpet would look good. 
 I can't wait to show you all :)) 

Karen is away tomorrow for a few days to Alton Towers which is a theme park near Stoke-on-Trent in England.  She is fair looking forward to it. I'm sure she will have a great time. 

I've got Monday off work to help Emma with her preparations for her prom.  Well, what I mean by that is I am her taxi driver for the day!!!!

Anyway enough blethering (chatting) from me - I hope you all have a lovely weekend.


TexWisGirl said…
yup, i'm thinking you should move to texas too - lots of dry, hot, sunny weather for you. :)
Jeanne said…
Lovely flowers Ellie. Maybe it is a good day to make soup and homemade bread and light a candle. Sure this nasty weather will pass soon. Have fun getting Emma ready for her prom!
Jill said…
Lovely flowers! You and Emma will, no doubt, have so much fun on Monday! :)
Our cherry trees are dropping their leaves already, they seem to think winter is already here!!!! Diane
Dear me, you should be here in Chico, CA today, where it is 102. No, I am not kidding. It is like a furnace outside.

I would really enjoy a rainy chilly day right now. :) But I see how you might not like it, if they come too frequently and stay around too long. Great photos as always.

Happy prom weekend. ...Marsha
Jeanne said…
Ellie, I wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award, so if you would like to stop by my blog and pick this up, I would love to see you there! Jeanne
Bev said…
Your weather sounds like our weather...we don't seem to get summer except for maybe a week in September...after our first frost:)
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
Now, we are in the rainy season and will have a muggy summer soon(^^;)
You pictures are beautiful as always♡♡♡

Helping your daughter to prepare for her prom must be wonderful. I have no idea about prom, haha.

Love you always, xoxo Miyako*
Paul said…
I enjoyed those lovely days of 3 weeks ago. Went to Alton Towers 25 years ago. Really enjoyed it!
Fiona said…
Horrible here too Ellie
hopefully summer will arrive soon??

Good luck to the girls.

Looking forward to the prom photos and the red carpet photos!!!

Hope you have a happy Sunday

Hi Ellie, I have just come over from Joans site at Pembrokeshire Lass and have really enjoyed your relaxed blogging style, so have become a follower. I hope you'll come over for a visit with me sometime.
Have a great weak.
I know the feeling...but the flowers are delightful no matter how many times you show them!! I have recieved a Sunshine Award and a One Lovely Blog Award and have passed them on to you. Joan
Whoops, that should say 'Have a great week.'
i know what you mean...enough is enough, huh?! when the weather here in florida gets to be HOT and HUMID...all i can wish for is a BREAK...a cool breeze...

but your wildflowers are beautiful...and without the rain you probably wouldn't see them flourish!!
Betty Roan said…
It's dry, hot and miserable here. I'm thinking rainy and chilly sounds pretty good. ;)
Eileen said…
we've had to put the heating back on again. It was quite sunny today, but cold and trying to rain.

Lovely photos again, Eliie.
Rose said…
Ellie, I wish you could send us some rain...I cannot remember the last time we had a good, soaking rain. It is around 92ºF here today and yesterday...and yesterday was my niece's wedding and it was outside.
Fiona said…
Hi Ellie,

if you have time will you pop over to a new blog by an Irish girl
this is the link


she has a cute little blog
and she would love some new followers
as she is only starting off

Tell her I sent you!


Fiona x

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