Country Road

 When I was out in the car the other day I came across a road which I haven't been along before. I have always wondered what was down there so I thought I'd go and have a look.

What a wonderful surprise - it was a wee single-track country road which lead onto a farm.  Just look at how lovely it is with all those wonderful wild flowers!!!

I just had to pull over in the verge to take some pictures.

So if you see a road you have never travelled on - do it because you just don't know what surprises you will get.

Just imagine owning a lovely property down here -  if only I could win the lottery this weekend, sigh, lol.  Mind you, you would need to contend with people like me stopping and taking pictures :))

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Lovely shots! Looks like we've both been spending a little time in the country ^_^ Although now its raining!
Raymonde said…
Oh what a lovely find! You were inspired. The wild flowers are beautiful.

I like doing that sort of things and say what's the worse that can happen!!!

Visiting from TATT
Jill said…
Oh Ellie! You found a perfectly magical place. Love these!
Rose said…
Traveling down roads like this is what we do best....
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
Wow, almost heavily place and i wish I were with you, my friend♡♡♡
Unfortunately, these marvelous landscape won't be expected form these adventures where I live, haha.
Thank you very much for sharing your lovely time.
Lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako
a beautiful find it was, even the smallest adventures are up lifting
Karen said…
What a great find! I often go down little country roads to see what I can see.
Bev said… roads like that!
TexWisGirl said…
that really is gorgeous. thanks for sharing!
lisa. said…
Wow! What a find this was Ellie.
Those wildflowers are just gorgeous and I absolutely love the way you composed the first photograph here. It almost looks like a painting.
Blond Duck said…
Everything is so hot and dry here, I'd love to see scenery like that!
Paul said…
Love the photos! I do tend to stick to the same roads and get stuck in a rut. Nice to branch out and experience different things!
Cindy P said…
Beautiful photos! What a special adventure that was! And especially because you got such great photos from it. I love all those wildflowers! They can be my favorites, for sure!
Debbie said…
it's a little like life on a detour!!

i have no idea what a "verge" is??
Jeannette StG said…
In our dreams the sky is the limit!:)
Love wildflowers!
Tracy Wood said…
Another beautiful peak into your lovely world!
It is always fun to take roads you haven't taken before. I love your photos.
May I!??? Oh I would love to stitch one of those! How beautiful!!!

Anonymous said…
the flowers are so pretty, wonderful surprise taking that road, wasn't it! =)
Sandra said…
Ah! Wild flowers! It's just the right time of the year, isn't it?
Lovely captures of your little road off the beaten track. I especially like the second image with the cow parsley and the wild campions and the little look over the fence at the grazing cows!
Lea White said…
Oh what lovely photos! Funny my post kind of deals with the same topic, being brave enough to take an unknown road :-)
Lea White said…
Oh what lovely photos! Funny my post kind of deals with the same topic, being brave enough to take an unknown road :-)
Anonymous said…
What a beautiful place you found! Looks like it's all tucked away from the busy world. Lovely photos, Ellie!
Heidi said…
Oh how beautiful these pics are. We should always venture down these country lanes. Have a wonderful weekend!
Eileen said…
Great minds think alike Ellie. I recently had a long chat with one of my friends about the fact that there are loads of roads and tracks in the area that we've never been down and have no idea what's there or what they lead to. We plan to explore during the school summer holidays.
what a great find!! i love taking back roads...especially ones i've never been down before!
thanks for the beautiful wildflower shots!! what a way to start the day!
Buttons said…
Ellie you need to come visit you would love the farms around here. I love your photos. B
Kerri said…
So Pretty!!
Rita said…
these shots are fabulous. I could see having them framed and hung in my kitchen to add some cheer.

Thanks for your visits to my cyclist in Pearls.

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