The Red Carpet!!!

Well, as promised, here are the pictures of my newly decorated  hall - and my lovely new red carpet :))
Pretty boring pictures but I'm just dying to show it off, lol.
 This is the view from the downstairs hall - I'm lying all over the floor shooting this one. I'm not sure what anybody looking in the window must have though hee hee.

Our walls have all been painted and the woodwork painted white.  It is so fresh and clean looking. 

This is the view from the top landing. 

Danny has worked SO hard this weekend to get this finished - I'm very proud of him. 
It's not easy doing all this with the full family of 5 and a guest here (Laura's boyfriend was here for the weekend).

Now though Karen is away on holiday for a few days, Laura and her boyfriend are away with work. So it is just Emma, Dan and me here to enjoy it.

I hope this post isn't too boring for you all!!!!

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Fiona said…
Oh Ellie it is lovely.

It looks so rich and warm.

May it wear well.

Enjoy my friend


ps it wasn't a bit boring!
The new red carpeting looks lovely. It looks so nice with the white walls. I don't think this post was boring either.
Giga said…
Ten post to jak podziękowanie mężowi za jego świetną pracę. Dom wygląda świeżutko. Pozdrawiam.
This post is to thank her husband for his excellent work. House looks fresh. Yours.
Rose said…
Oh, Ellie, I love this. The mom of a friend of our daughters had a room painted about that color red with white woodwork...and I have loved red and white ever since. The room had lots of windows so it was just wonderful.

I bet Danny is relieved to have it done!
TexWisGirl said…
it looks really beautiful! i like how it offsets against the cream and white wall colors.
Eileen said…
Of course it isn't boring. It looks lovely and I can just imagine you laying on the floor to take that photo! Well done to Dan.
Debbie said…
it's so pretty ellie and i must be honest and say that i did not think i would like it....but i really do!!

it's really a deep, rich burgundy and i absolutely love it!!
Karen said…
I love the rich colour of the carpet!
Betty Roan said…
I would have been too chicken to try such a bold color, but it sure turned out beautiful. The rich red against those creamy wall, fantastic!
No it's not boring!!! it's gorgeous - always love visiting your blog :)
Mary x
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
OMG!!! What a work your husband have done for your family☆☆☆ He deserves lots of appreciation, doesn't he♡♡♡
And I love the color "burgundy" as well.
Lots of love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako
Lea White said…
Wow, that looks stunning!
Amazing what a difference fresh paint and floor covering can make, great work!
It looks lovely Ellie.
Nancy Claeys said…
I'm loving this carpet, Ellie. You will need to have some "red carpet" posts to coincide with the Oscars... Lol.

Thank you for sharing at YSB this week. xoxo
Laurel's Quill said…
Red is NEVER boring!!! love the idea!!!
Kayla said…
Not too boring for me! I will be posting some similar shots very soon. I have newly painted white woodwork too! Makes it seem bright and open, doesn't it!
Hi, I just found your blog and am now a follower. Love the new carpet. I am excited to read more of your posts as time goes on. Thanks.
Jeanne said…
I love the red carpet, and it looks marvelous with the lovely paint job.
Paul said…
Your hallway looks great with its newly painted white walls and deliciously red carpet.
Jill said…
It is beautiful! It looks absolutely perfect.
Lisa Gordon said…
You my friend, are never boring!
Your house looks beautiful.
Many kudos to Dan!
This is beautiful! i like how it offsets against the cream and white wall colors.

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