The Force of the Weather

I heard on the news today about the fires that are raging across parts of America.  That doubled with the lack of rainfall and very high temperatures is very frightening and I really hope it is under control soon.
At the same time in north of England  and Wales there has been very bad flooding and there are severe weather warning for Northern Ireland. 
We have had a LOT of rainfall here and in fact it has been said this is the wettest June since 1860. 
I hope that everybody whatever their weather situation is keeps safe .
The power of the weather and all it's forces is amazing and scary.

Take care everyone!!!

Karen bought herself a couple of baby acer trees don't you just love the colour of those leaves? After one of our very heavy rainstorms last night I ventured out to get some pictures of the raindrops on the leaves. 

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I agree Ellie, it is really worrying - we are having crazy storms already - usually this doesn't happen until August!
Mary x
TexWisGirl said…
these are beautiful, ellie. i hate the extremes of weather and truly worry for the western states...
Jeanne said…
These are a gorgeous color and what a great job you did on capturing those raindrops!
Anonymous said…
I'm terribly sorry about the flooding & I do hope everyone is safe from the storms, there... I wish we could even out the rainfall... God bless & be careful! =)
Karen said…
Lovely captures Ellie. Water drops are a fave of mine. I love maple trees, 'cause I am Canadian, and we have a huge red maple leaf on our flag. The weather is bizzare around the world!
Jill said…
My heart has been so heavy...for those facing the devastating wildfires and my my home town and surrounding towns as they are flooding. Prayers to everyone suffering.

Your photos are beautiful, Ellie.
The forces of nature can be very scary at times. Much bigger and better than we humans can control!! Have a good day. Diane
Lisa Gordon said…
Love the leaves on these trees, Ellie! The colors are indeed wonderful, and your photographs of them are really beautiful.

We need rain pretty badly here in NY. We had some chilly gray days, but no rain, and now with 90's for the weekend... I mowed this morning, and our lawns look like hay fields. :-(

You have a fantastic weekend, my friend!
Fiona said…
Beautiful photos Ellie.

I love the colours.

Terrible flooding here last night
so many homes and businesses destroyed,
those poor poor people.

We visited Estes Park, Colorado a few years ago, where the worst of the fires are now burning; and it is sad to think of that beautiful area spoiled. And that says nothing of the homes being destroyed.

Sounds like you folks are being washing away.

Beautiful photos as always.
Rose said…
These shots are great...the wetness looks wonderful. It was at least 106.5º here today according to the weather station....but our thermometer here at home said 108ºF!
I agree the weather can be a scary thing. I do love the color of the leaves, so pretty.
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
Oh, I heard the news of the fire and abnormal weather in many place of the world!!! I wish your wet weather stop soon, my friend.
And the shot of acer leaves are magnificent and fabulous with raindrops♪♪♪

Sending you love from Japan, xoxo Miyako*
Anonymous said…
Love your raindrop photos!
Yes, it is strange about the weather: some folks having flooding, and others experiencing drought.
But it isn't ours to understand.
Happy weekend to you!
A very timely and appropriate post about the vagaries of the weather. Whilst you soak we wilt at 37C with temps not dropping below 30C at night!
beautiful rain drop pictures...i'm always drawn to taking shots like that...dew or rain on leaves...

my heart also goes out to all those who are dealing with some unreal weather...around the's sad, and scary...floods, the heat, tornadoes, fires...

have a happy week!

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