A Birthday Cake

You are probably sick to death of seeing me post pictures of Karen's cakes but I just had to put this one up (and also I told my mum I would, lol).

One of Karen's workmates, who is a chef, had asked her for a cake for her daughters 1st birthday party.  She gave her an outline of what she wanted and this is what Karen produced.  Now I know I am biased but  I think it is rather good.

Here is a wee butterfly she made.

And a teddy - so cute!!

It is always nerve racking for  me until they are delivered to the customer because they sit in the house and I am worried that it gets dropped or  falls from the kitchen counter. 
Can you imagine it???? 
Anyway it is being delivered tomorrow night.

The only problem with Karen making these lovely cakes is there is always cake left over  and it is soooo scrummy you just have to have a bit.  
I am TRYING REALLY HARD to lose some weight 'cause I really need to - what's a girl to do!!!!! :))

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Pat MacKenzie said…
What a lovely cake for a baby shower. Karen is so talented. I realized I had missed a few of your recent blogs so just spent a pleasant while catching up with Emma's prom, your walk by the sea (beautiful sky photo), and your new house renovations. You're very busy over there in your neck of the woods.
Giga said…
To masz świetnego cukiernika w domu, bo torcik wygląda ślicznie, aż żal go jeść. Pozdrawiam.
To have a great baker in the house, because it looks pretty cake, eat it up sorry. Yours.
Eileen said…
I'll never get bored of seeing Karen's cakes. She is so talented.
TexWisGirl said…
laughing at you. yes, she's very talented. and a bad influence on you.
Abi said…
This is amazing- I love the details!
Mira Crisp said…
I don't mind seeing her beautiful work. She is very talented and you should be sooo proud of her! :) Is she considering a cake business?
Lisa Gordon said…
Ellie, this is beautiful! Karen is an amazing cake artist. I used to do this quite a bit for my kids' birthdays when they were younger. Lots of fun, but also sooooo much work.
This cake is adorable! I love the little teddy bear. I wish I was talented like Karen
Sush said…
What a beautiful cake...she really is an artist! I'd go bonkers with all that cake around. I think I gained the 15 lbs I just lost when my daughter first started baking. Goes on fast and comes off slow! But Ellie those cakes are gorgeous!
Karen said…
It is good!!
deb duty said…
She's so talented! The cake is adorable. Cake is one thing I can't resist at all so I know that must be hard!
What a talent - a lovely cake.
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
OMG, what a LOVELY birthday cake♡♡♡
Your daughter's customer musyt have been really delighted to receive the cake♪♪♪
Oh, I am so jealous to read that you are so lucky to be able to taste these (I will gain a lot of weight for sure...)
Be brave, my friend p;)

Love you always, xoxo Miyako*
Debbie said…
this girl had skills!!!

it's beautiful!!
Fiona said…
Beautiful cake
what a talented girl you have.

Have a great weekend.

Fiona x
Rose said…
I bet everyone is just like me...I LOVE seeing her creativity. She is so talented.
Janet said…
A girl is to eat her cake, of course!! Your daughter Karen is very talented and I think Emma is a very attractive young lady! I really enjoy stopping by your blog!
JT said…
Oh my what a work of art for a cake, you must eat some!
I've been looking at your pictures. They are excellent!
Jeanne said…
This is beautiful, and how talented Karen is in her cake design! Very impressed. Better lock up those cakes!

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