The Belle of the Ball

Here at last are the pictures of Emma getting ready for her prom.
We went out  for lunch at about 12pm and excitment levels were very high, lol. 
Then I dropped her at the hairdresser at 1pm

Here she is after the the hairdo!!! 

The shoes.
How on earth does anybody walk in these things????

And the finished product - lump in throat time. 
Isn't she beautiful??? 
And I've given her the red carpet treatment :))

 We went down ino the woods to take some more pictures.

 They left at about 5.30pm to go to a lovely hotel in town for a meal and music, then on to an 'after party' at one of the girls houses (apparently there were 78 invited, eeek).  That went on until 4am (yes you read right 4am!!!) 
A few of them spent the night there - Emma being one of them - and I picked her up at 9am this morning. She was looking a little (read very) tired but having had a great time.  
The poor thing has to work at 11am this morning. So that is where we are about to go. She is due to finish around 5-6pm - I hope she can last the day!!!!

I am really disappointed in the quality of my pictures - I used the big canon camera which I'm not really used to and the results are less than great. What is it they say - "a bad workman always blames his tools". Well, I'm blaming my camera,  I think there was a strange setting in there, lol.  
I've decided though I quite liked shooting with it - so I'm going to learn to do it properly.

Hope you enjoyed my quick tour of her day!!!


Giga said…
Wspaniałą sesje zdjęciową zrobiłaś swojej córce, bądź zadowolona. Pozdrawiam.
A wonderful photo shoots you've done to his daughter, or happy. Yours.
She looks gorgeous and I see little wrong with your photos. I used to walk in those high heels I have no idea how I ever managed it!!!! Diane
Lea said…
Lea's Menagerie
Kayla said…
She looks beautiful! I love her dress! I love that you now have a built in red carpet for these big moments! ;)
Jill said…
She is gorgeous! Great dress and I love all of your photos!
Debbie said…
she is gorgeous ellie and she's wearing my color!!

sometimes when you use a better camera, you have to be more careful about the light!! with that said, i think the images are beautiful!!

i have not worn heels in 30 years!!
Anonymous said…
She's gorgeous! But I agree about those shoes.....
Hope she made out okay at work that day!
Anonymous said…
She's gorgeous! But I agree about those shoes.....
Hope she made out okay at work that day!
TexWisGirl said…
she is beautiful. i love her dress.
Tricia said…
She looks beautiful :)
Karen said…
Oh, she's beautiful Ellie! I used to wear shoes like that!
Eileen said…
You have a very beautiful daughter, she looks amazing. Lovely photos to treasure the memories of such a special time in her life.
Rose said…
She is beautiful, Ellie, and I love the color of her dress. I can imagine the lump in the throat...and I don't know how our girls walk in those shoes either. Lorelei's mom will put them on, some of the them the actual spike heels and just go on. I couldn't get out to the car in them, even!
busybusybeejay said…
Lovely photos.You must be so proud of her.
I like your pictures. Your daughter looks great. Hope she enjoyed it.

Prom is such a memorable day. Hope she had a wonderful time. Great pictures!
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
How GORGEOUS your Emma looks♡♡♡ She must have loved the red carpet!!!
Oh, your pictures are great, my friend. Happy prom for your lovely daughter and I loved the beautiful of dress of hers♬♬♬ 

Love you always, xoxo Miyako*
Emma looks beautiful! My daughters wears the same kind of shoes and I know what you mean - I am not sure how they walk in them either.
geetlee said…
Emma looks really gorgeous! I liked all the photos too!
Mira Crisp said…
Wow, Elllie! She is sooo beautiful. I think you did a good job with photos and I am sure if you keep using the camera, you will get used to it very soon. The first photography advice I ever got was to always get one more step closer regardless of do I think I am close enough or not. Maybe you could try that too and see do you liek results. BTW - LOVE that red carpet - so unusual and unexpected!
Lisa Gordon said…
Ellie, she looks absolutely beautiful!
How lovely.
It seems that the American Prom has caught on rather in this country. I'm not sure how an 18 year old Sandy would have fancied the idea - probably not much.
I noticed one on our recent trip to Glasgow, where the dresses seemed to be shorter and summery - and all the lads looking very chuffed in suits if I may say.
In Dunoon, my daughter's was this year too - she was also very lovely but isn't Dad going to think that! They seem to go for the long dress option there too - it's more elegant and perhaps a bit more special (perhaps I'm just an old foggy)
Jeanne said…
Oh Ellie! Emma looked absolutely lovely for her prom. Now i see the reason that you put the red carpet down.!!!! HOpe that she has had a lovely time, one that she will remember always!

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