Potted Herbs

You know how I posted the pictures of all the flowers that I liked at the garden centre?  Well I failed to mention what I had purchased. 
You know by now that I CAN'T go to a garden centre and not buy something!!! 

Well, I bought a selection of herbs which I have planted into these pots. My favourite one being mint.  

I LOVE the smell of mint. It always reminds of when I was a wee girl and we used to visit my gran who lived in England. She would send me out to pick some mint from her garden to put in the potatoes.  
Isn't it funny how smells can transport you back into another time?
 These are my potted herbs.

  I also bought a selection of 6 different tomato plants. Now I have never grown anything like tomatoes before but I'm going to give it a shot (I love tomatoes). 
 I'll let you know how I get on. :))

Now, you remember my apple tree from This Post, well look what I saw growing on it. 
Yup that is real live apples starting to form. 
How exciting is that?  
There are quite a few as well. 
I can see an apple pie being made in September time!!!

Laura and her boyfriend arrived home safely from Las Vegas on Saturday night. They had a fab time by all accounts. So nice to have her home again!!!  We all missed her when she was away.


Jill said…
Yippee on the apples! You go girl. Your herbs look great. I'm with you on smells transporting us. Lilacs do it to me everytime.
TexWisGirl said…
you're getting gardening happy! :)
Karen said…
I'm not much of a gardener, but I have a few herbs, and some tomatoes. I am growing the regular red beefstake tomatoes and trying black cherry tomatoes and a golden yellow variety!
I really like your cheerful little potted herbs.

My mom used to tease me because when I was younger I pronounced the word "Herb" as though it were a man's name. I didn't know the "h" was silent. :)
Debbie said…
i love to grow stuff in pots!!

be careful with the tomatoes, we had 3 plants and would pick about 60 at a time and ended up giving most away!!

we did make a lot of friends!!
Rose said…
Oh, you will love fresh tomatoes! I cannot wait for them...wonderful to see the update of your apple tree.

And the older I get, the more memories smells trigger.
I have been doing some planting also. It is so much fun to wash the plants grow. It is exciting to see that your apple tree is getting apples. You will love having your own tomatoes too, they are always so much better when you grow them yourself.
Bev said…
We have peppermint in our garden..and it likes to take over the garden...sooo my advice...kept the mint in the pot...dried makes lovely tea all year round!!
Sandra said…
So you're a fresh herbs fan as well! It's so lovely to have them on hand, isn't it? I also have mint and put it on everything! I also use rosemary and thyme and lemon verbena for herb teas.
What sweet little apples that are growing on your tree. That must be exciting! Are they cooking apples? You mentioned apple pie! There's nothing like preparing one's own produce, is there?!
Paul said…
Good to see the apple tree flourishing. Great that Laura enjoyed her trip!
I love the smell of mint too. So happy you have apples growing!
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
I love the fragrance of mint so much. Wonderful that the herb bring you back to lovely memories♡♡♡
Good Luck your your apple harvest, my friend.
Love you always, xoxo Miyako*
Julie G. said…
Your herb planters look so very fine. I hope they flourish so you can enjoy all the wonderful flavors. Good luck growing tomatoes, as well. We grew some several years ago and it was quite easy. Fresh tomatoes don't even compare with store bought. Love the precious little apples growing on your tree. Apple pie sounds delicious! Wonderful post!
geetlee said…
Yummy! I'm sure the apple pie will be delicious! You're so lucky to have a garden. We've been longing for one. Hopefully someday...
Giga said…
To dobrze, że dzieci już są w domu. Z ziół z pewnością będziesz miała pociechę, nigdy ich nie ma za dużo ( można wysuszyć nadmiar). Pozdrawiam.
It's good that children are already in the house. The herbs will certainly be comforting, they never have too much (you can dry the excess). Yours.
Amy said…
That is exciting! Im all over tomatoes this year! I am also trying new varieties!
everything looks....and smells great! :)
fresh tomatoes...mmmmm, the problem for me, is if i grow the little cherry tomatoes...they never make it into the house...i'll gobble too many of them up, right as i pluck them off!

i love the smell of apples baking....

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