Road Trip for a Day

Well, we actually got away yesterday, yay.
And as promised by the weatherman the sky was blue and it wasn't raining, double yay, lol

So went got in the car at around 10am and drove (well Danny drove) to see Laura and Kevin. We haven't been there since they moved in and I nhave to say they are certainly making it look like home. 

The scenery is really lovely along this journey - I did take a few pictures but the road are very bumpy and most of the shots are a wee bitty blurry.

But here are a couple that didn't turn out too bad.

Do you remember this shot of the church - I took this shot the last time we went through in September?

Well look at the difference that two months make - it looks quite different with all of those lovely autumn colours don't you think?

The last time we went through there was really bad roadworks along the way, but despite the sign of these traffic cones I'm pleased to say there were no disruptions to our drive this time. 
It was a good run and we did it in two quick hours :)

Hope you all had a good weekend and have productive week ahead :)) 


Tracy Wood said…
Looks like you had a nice Sunday drive. We had a nice weekend, always way too busy. Then we turn around and it's another Monday! Time flies!
Sandra said…
So nice to see all those lovely autumn colours on your car trip. Aren't we lucky to have seasons?!
TexWisGirl said…
well, since you had a quick turn-around drive, i'm glad the roads and weather cooperated.

the church looks beautiful in those woods on the hill - no matter the season. :)
Jeanne said…
What a beautiful church that look like. Looks as if you might have been in a rush to go see your daughter and new grandchild to be. Is Laura feeling well with her pregnancy? Hope so. Does she know yet if this is going to be a girl or a boy? Anyway, hope that you had a lovely visit.
Karen said…
Nice autumn colours! Most of our leaves are gone.
I'm so glad you were able to get away and enjoyed your visit, a 2 hour drive is not too bad is it? Our girls are only 10 and 20 minutes away so we're pretty lucky really. Son is in Japan, so that visit really has to be well planned, lol.
I love the then and now photo's of the church, quite a difference.

Ellie, Your shots are always so pretty, even if they are a "bit blurry". So glad your trip turned out well.

Lovely fall colors, too!
I am happy you got to visit Laura. Looks like you had a nice drive.
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
So happy for your wonderful visits and drive. Your 2 pictures showing us the different color of the scenery is wonderful(^_^)彡☆ The church is beautiful.
Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*
Cheryl said…
Glad you got to visit and had a nice day for it :) Interesting seeing the contrast in the pictures with the church... I do love the changing seasons :) x
Cheryl said…
Glad you got to visit and had a nice day for it :) Interesting seeing the contrast in the pictures with the church... I do love the changing seasons :) x
Kayla said…
What a nice drive. So glad you didn't have construction delays. I hope they are settled in nicely. A two hour trip makes me feel like they aren't so far away...if you know what I mean?
what a beautiful drive...the hills filled with fall color!
the church looks beautiful surrounded by a thick forest of trees!!
Anonymous said…
That church is so very beautiful. Looks like a wonderful drive to enjoy.
Anna said…
Hi Ellie,
Looks like a fun trip:) The beautiful architecture of the church against the autumn color makes for the perfect combo!
Have a great week.
DIMI said…
What a nice drive Ellie!And your photos looks beautiful!Autumn images everywhere!!Glad you enjoyed your trip!Wish you a lovely week my dear!
Oh dear! I've obviously been driving about the country too much - I recognised where you were from the first picture. The Autumnal colours are looking a treat on our woodlands at the moment.
I'm not sure it's a real road trip unless you get chased bu the police at some point.
Rose said…
I am so glad you got to get away for a while. And to have a beautiful day to do it.

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