A Hole In The Sky

Here I am - with a picture too :))

I followed Anne's  advice.  She suggested that I load my picture onto Flickr, hit the share button and grab the html code and load in onto my post - and voila - here it is.  
Thanks so much Anne :))

I was given so much good advice on how to fix this problem. I think what I will have to do is resize all the pictures I have already loaded onto picasa and re-load them again. Now that is a BIG job and quite time consuming so I will get around to that when I have a bit of time on my hands. 
At least now I have a way of putting pictures back onto my blog -  I'm happy again, lol.

I was driving into town late this afternoon - Emma wanted to get a new dress for a party she is going to on Saturday evening, not that I think she needs another dress she has a wardrobe full of them, but that's another story!!!

We saw this vision in the sky as we were driving along and I had to stop and take a picture, it really looks like a hole in the sky doesn't it?  
An amazing view I think!!

Yesterday I was at a training course most of the day. 
It was a beautiful day yesterday, very cold but lovely and bright, my very favourite kind of day :))  
The sky was amazing coming home the sun was huge and was lighting up the countryside with a gorgeous orange glow. 
 I didn't have my camera - isn't that always the way?  When I eventually got home the light had gone. 
So I was more than happy to get this shot tonight. 

I haven't had the chance to go out much to take some piccies but I'm hoping if this lovely weather holds out till the end of the weekend I can take the opportunity to get out there.
 Fingers crossed!!!


Riet said…
That is a beautiful sky and great shot
Anne said…
Delighted it worked for you Ellie and a gorgeous photo it is too:)
Sandra said…
Glad you found a "non-paying" solution for your photos, Ellie! In fact, when I click on your photo to enlarge it, I come on Flickr. I suppose it gives them publicity too!
Nice picture of the sky and when I enlarge the picture I can see smoke coming out of the chimneys! I do love a fire, but in apartment living it's rather rare!
TexWisGirl said…
i call that a 'buttonhole' :) i have one of those in an upcoming post myself.
Giga said…
Cieszę się, że widzę zdjęcie i do tego takie piękne. Przyjaciele blogowi są jednak wspaniali, pomagają, gdy pomocy się potrzebuje. Pozdrawiam.
I'm glad to see the photo and it's so beautiful. Friends, however, are blog a wonderful, they help when help is needed. Yours.
Karen said…
Oh, I just love those rays!
Rose said…
Love the picture...glad you figured got a way to start posting. It is just hard for me to think you have used all your space since you have not been blogging that long. Even if you did load them full size.

Next time you load a pic, when you are at the editor, click on the html tab and then click to load the picture. That will bring up the old page that we used to get. At the bottom of it, it will tell how much of your space you have used. I am just curious.
Buttons said…
Oh This is awesome Ellie.
I am happy you got great advice I may have to do that myself it is always good to know blogger people who are techy smart. B
Beautiful photo. I am so happy that you are able to put your photos on your blog again!!
Rohrerbot said…
I agree with you....beautiful shot. Always bring the camera:)
Kayla said…
So happy for you. I haven't had the fortitute to sit down and try to figure out a solution yet...but I have been given advice for a few people too. Flickr and photobucket. I am going to have to just sit down and make the time to figure this out. It just sort of scares me, you know? Oh and the picture is lovely!
Leovi said…
Wonderful photo, I love the exquisite light of that beautiful sky
Wonderful photo and glad that you are back with pictures again. Diane
Debbie said…
Gorgeous image!! So happy to see a picture from you!
wow!! what a beautiful cloud hole!! gorgeous shot.

glad to hear you got some good advice & suggestions...either way, what a pain in the....
Great picture! I have had the same problem with my photos and am busy resizing them to be able to add more to my blog!!

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