Have A (Wet) Seat

If it hadn't been so wet and rainy I might have sat and enjoyed the view from this seat - oh and I would probably have been swinging my feet through those lovely leaves :))

Well I am very pleased to report that Laura got home safely from India last night.  
She walked in the door at 8pm very tired and having had a good time I think (even though it had been for work and not a holiday). 
 She did say that India was completely different to anything she expected and that the people were lovely.

A couple of years ago I asked her to bring me a fridge magnet home from wherever she was going to be on holiday.  I have built up quite a wee selection. 
New York
Las Vegas
Gran Canaria
Alton Towers - Karen brought this one home!
Boston and Cambletown - Emma brought these home.

Now I've got one from Mumbai, India - it's great, I feel like I am travelling the world through my girls and my fridge magnets, lol.

My fridge is getting a wee bit busy though :))

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TexWisGirl said…
glad she's home again! and hopefully can get caught up on rest, too!
Fiona said…
Glad that she is now home
and can rest up.

Hope all well with you Ellie.

Did you get away for a night or so or will you wait until after Christmas?

Next Christmas will be a completely different one for you
with new baby, lovely, lovely...

Have a good weekend and stay warm

Buttons said…
Oh Ellie I am glad she is home I do understand the tiny bit of worry we feel when our girls are gone. Love the frig magnets collection.

I love the photo of the bench in the leaves it is simple and beautiful. B
Rohrerbot said…
Glad she made it home safely. What an amazing trip she probably had! I bet she'll have lots of interesting stories because India is one those places you never forget:) And as to magnets...you can never have too many especially when you have cats who like to knock them off:)
I am happy to hear that Laura is home safe and sound. I love the photo of the bench. This bench looks like it had a quite a few people sit on it and enjoy the view.
Jesh StG said…
What wonderful keepsakes those magnetic buttons are! Nothing so good as to come home from a long trip1
Karen said…
I'm glad she's home safe. Lovely photo Ellie.
Oh lovely!! I've worked in Mumbai twice (for about 6 weeks each time) and in the western side of India twice and up in the Calcutta region and loved it!! I love India and the Indian people and hope one day to be fit enough to go again!! It is such a special place and has a big place in my heart! I so envy your daughter going and how lovely that you have them home to tell you all about it and share their experiences! Joan
Glad she had a good trip! You need to post a picture of your fridge magnet collection!
Nancy said…
Love the picture and it does look like a great place to kick up the leaves! So glad your daughter had a great time in India...it's great she gets to travel all over!

Blessings! Nancy
Claudia Moser said…
Still pretty even if wet!
DIMI said…
Hallo Ellie!Your picture is so beautiful!Glad that your daughter is now home!Wish you a lovely weekend my dear!
Lmkazmierczak said…
Ordinary Words...Lovey shot, thanks for sharing your slice of life♫♪
Sandra said…
I had to laugh when I read the title of your blog entry! I thought it said : "Have a (wee) seat!" I thought that's Ellie being Scottish! I wasn't disappointed in the rest of the text. I love it!
From one bench in the leaves to another, have a lovely weekend! Sandra
Nancy Claeys said…
I asked my son to do the same thing when he was in the Navy -- love my London and Florida magnets! :)
Rose said…
I bet you are glad she is home safe and sound...and I love that shot.
so glad to hear she made it home safe! she probably has so much to tell & show!
as for the magnets...i have a pretty good collection too...i try to get one from each new place we go!!
geetlee said…
so glad that Laura liked India :)
I love fridge magnets too! I try to get one whenever we go somewhere new!

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