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Hi everybody!!!

I have not been around much this week and when I decided I wanted to do a post today and tried to upload a picture it told me I couldn't because there was no more memory available for putting onto my blog!!
Has anybody else had this?
 It also wants me to pay for more memory!

I'm wondering if I can delete from picaso to give me some more space - but will that make me lose pictures on my blog.

HELP!!! lol.

Anyway my news for this week is not terribly exciting I'm afraid.

The weather here has been a bit dismal and not really ideal for going out to take pictures!!! 
So I'm running kind of low of images :((

Tomorrow Karen and Emma are travelling through to visit Laura.  They are quite excited about it let me tell you.
They are going out for dinner and going the the cinema to see the new Twilight movie.
 A right girlie weekend for them I think and it sounds like a lot of fun!!!

They are coming home on Sunday.  
I can't wait to hear all about it. :))

Now I'm off to catch up with everybody's blog :))

I'm wishing all my American friends a Happy Thanksgiving weekend.


Sandra said…
Hi Ellie, you're the second person this week who has mentioned running out of space for your photos on the blog. The same happened to me and I now pay a small fee (about $2 a month) to pay for extra space. I don't mind. It was either that or deleting photos from Picassa.
I think that you can also delete old posts from your blog. Maybe someone will come up with useful ideas for you.
Good luck! Sandra
Cheryl said…
Can't help with the photo problem, but interested to see what peeps say. Bad weather here, sounds like the girls have the right idea though :) x
Fiona said…
I can't help with the photo problem Ellie, but what a nuisance...

Weather wet and dismal here too.

Hope the girls enoy themselves.

Tomorrow is Friday - yippee!

Bev said…
Never had that problem...sometimes it is nice when life just flows along:)
Betty Manousos said…
happy thanksgiving!!!

TexWisGirl said…
yup, about $2 a month is their price now. either that or delete old posts/photos to free up space.
Kara said…
I had that happen to me a while back and I cannot remember what I did. I know I didn't pay anything though.
Sorry to hear about the weather. We had beautiful weather here in the morning, but as the day went on it got cold and windy.
Karen said…
Lovely textures in that shot.
When I filled up picasa I started to store my photos on "Photobucket".
eileeninmd said…
I opened a Picasa account for a small Amount a year. So I think thinks helps too. Sorry you are having problems. Have a great weekend with the girls.
Dianna said…
Not sure how your blog works, since I used Wordpress. I do have to pay for memory for my photos, but it isn't much. And I have Picasa on my computer, but it has nothing to do with my blog - it's just a photo program on the computer where I can edit my photos. Don't delete the photos from your blog library, or you'll lose all of them that you've uploaded to your blog. (Thankfully I made that mistake within the first few days of blogging, so I could remedy it quickly and easily!)
It's well worth the small amount it costs to have my pictures on my blog.
Good luck!
Dianna said…
Just saw Eileen's comment - maybe Picasa can be connected to your blog since she had to pay...? The Picasa program I downloaded was free.
you're the third person i have heard this week...of hitting photo limit on blogger!! weird!
anyway, if you delete photos from blog album on google...and they're photos used in posts...the pic's will be gone from posts. i have heard that people are setting up free accounts with picassa...or flickr...etc and linking pic's to their posts.
good luck...what a pain!
Riet said…
For me you are the second person too and I believe I got a letter too to pay more money. I have to go and see what they want. I did pay some time ago but I can't remember when.:(( My son who is a pro tells me Picasa is just a program and has nothing to do with more space. You can just do something to work with your photo's.
Giga said…
To chyba jakaś plaga na blogach ze zdjęciami. Tak to jest jak się daje bardzo duże zdjęcia do bloga, zamiast je zmniejszyć do maksymalnej wielkości 800x600 pikseli. Takie pomniejszone zdjęcia daje się dopiero do bloga. Jest wyjście :). Możesz usunąć zdjęcia z albumu Picassa, pomniejszyć je i ponownie wprowadzić do postów. Posty później aktualizować. Radzę to robić kolejnymi postami. Powodzenia i pozdrawiam cieplutko.
Giga said…
I think it's a plague on blogs with pictures. So this is how you give a very large images to your blog, rather than be reduced to a maximum size of 800x600 pixels. Such images can be reduced only to the blog. It is out :). You can delete photos from an album by Picasso, reduce and re-enter them in your posts. Posts later date. I advise you to do the next posts. Good luck and best regards warm.
Buttons said…
Oh Ellie I have heard this all week what the heck is going on?:)
I am not sure of any of it but good luck. The girly night sounds wonderful.
Take care do not get discouraged we need your photos. B
Kayla said…
Ellie, I have the same problem with the picture message. It seems like a scam to me. I have read a few forum conversations and lots of people are confused and are sure that they haven't used that much memory. If you take pictures off of Picasa...make sure you do NOT click delete....choose remove from Picasa instead. Somehow mine were linked to my Windows Photo Gallery and I ended up deleting pictures from my whole computer. THankfully, they weren't special pictures. I am not sure how mine even got linked with Picasa. I just downloaded it a few weeks ago when a friend took some pictures of us and wanted to show me how they turned out! I am hoping it is just a glitch of some sort. I really do not want to pay anyone money!
Debbie said…
i pay 5.00 per year for extra space for pictures. it's a small amount, i don't want to delete anything from my blog!!

pretty picture!!
Eileen said…
Hi Ellie, I have this problem today as well and it looks like lots of others do - see this link ...!topic/blogger/7jm4pY6Kd4w

I'm going to wait to see if the problem is resolved.
Anonymous said…
I'm late to the conversation (as usual - haha!)

I'm sorry to hear this! I haven't tried posting a photo in a few days, but I had noticed that I was about 43% full, so I decided to start trying to use Flickr when my storage is full. I may look into it, if Debbie only pays $5 a year, that sounds pretty good to me! I plan on asking her about it. :)

Good luck!
Rose said…
Ellie, I almost think the thing with running out of space is just some kind of trouble blogger is having. One of my friends has it off and on.

Do you reduce the size of your photos before you upload them?

If you delete photos from your Picasa web albums, it will be gone from your blog. How ever, if you did upload full sized photos, you could delete them and resize the photo and upload it again. But that is a real pain and time consuming to do.

The other thing is to get another gmail address, give yourself permission to post from there. It is as if you are giving someone else permission to do posts on your blog. If you will notice, on both my blogs it has two Roses listed as contributors.
Sheila said…
I missed this post and I will tell you I ran into the same problem a while back and refused to pay for storage so one thing you can do is join google connect , that gives you extra storage , the other thing is when you download to picasa , choose share which sends your photos to web albums ,it automatically downsizes your photos and also if you crop your photos it makes them smaller . Not sure if anyone else suggested these things as time is short so I can't read the responses right now .Also in we albums you can click on your photo and choose edit photo in creative editor or something like that and that is how I resized all the previous photos to get some extra storage space . I still have plenty of photos to resize but I have gone from 99% to 63 % storage , if you need further explanation let me know and I will do what I can to help you , I am not a computer whiz by any stretch of the imagination. Your photo today is awesome by the way .
This is a bit concerning - prompted me to go and look at my never looked at Gmail incase I had a message. No sign, phew!
Still have no idea how I can check my quota
Anonymous said…
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