The Cake

Here it is!!!
Karen's cake. 
Isn't it cool!!! 

I am so impressed with what she can do - I could never do anything like this. So she definately doesn't get her talent from her mum, lol.

 The good thing about Karen making cakes is that there is usually quite a lot of spare cake going and it is VERY tasty :))
My other news for today is that Laura is going to have a wee boy!!!

We have a lot of girls in our family - I have three girls, I am one of three girls. Danny's sisters have only girls, my sister has three boys and also 2 girls. So I think the boys need to catch up a bit. :))

Now I will need to go and buy some blue wool, I think I had better hurry up and get that blanket done!!!


TexWisGirl said…
awww! congrats on an expected grandson!

and that guitar cake is WONDERFUL!
Giga said…
Ciasto w kształcie gitary jest niesamowite. Gratuluję przyszłego wnuka. Pozdrawiam.
Cake in the shape of a guitar is amazing. Congratulations on future grandchild. Yours.
Great cake and lovely news about the coming grandson.

Sandra said…
So you're going to be the granny of a little boy! That's great! Boys are great fun!
Beautiful guitar-shaped cake!
Fiona said…
Fantastic news Ellie
a baby boy is going to be wonderful. He will have all of you adoring him and seeing to his every need for many many years to come!
I am delighted for you all.

Great cake, wow she is talented!

x Fiona
Sheila said…
Congratulations , a wee boy will be lots of fun , I know because I have three ;-) That cake is just awesome , such a talented daughter you have.
Cheryl said…
How exciting, a grandson :) Love the cake, Karen is very talented. xx
eileeninmd said…
Congrats! A baby boy is exciting news! The cake is awesome! Have a great evening!
Debbie said…
it's a boy, how wonderful!!

the cake is amazing!! but i knew it would be!!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations on your grandson!

Karen's cake is awesome! She is so talented!
Congratulations on the grandson!
Karen's cake is so cute. She is on talented girl.
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
What a wonderful news of baby boy♡♡♡ I can understand how you are excited♡♡♡
And I was SO impressed with the cake. Yes, huge cake with guitar design on top. My husband also loved to see the enlarged picture♬♬♬
Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*
Dianna said…
Amazing cake - I'm always in awe of someone with that talent.

And congrats on the grandson on the way. Can't wait for his arrival so you can share pictures with us!
EG CameraGirl said…
The guitar cake is awesome! Congrats on your expected grandson. Yes, hurry to get some blue wool!
Karen said…
Wow, what a talented girl! Bravo Karen.

Rose said…
I am amazed at your daughter's talent, too.

So happy for you with the wee one in the future. What a blessing they are.
Your daughter is very talented, do congratulate her.
Buttons said…
Oh Karen this is awesome. What a great job.
Congratulations Laura on the news of a little boy.
Hey Ellie get knitting:) B
Rohrerbot said…
Congrats! And it looks fabulous. Hope it tastes great as well:)
Kayla said…
Yay! A boy! Boys are so fun. And, so very, very different....from day one. The cake is gorgeous. She is definitely talented. You have such a good eye for photos....that counts as artistic talent in my book, so she did inherit talent from her mother!
Kerri said…
WOW - that cake is amazing!

And congrats on it being a boy :) We just welcomed a new little boy into our family 5 weeks ago today :)
geetlee said…
WOW the cake is awesome!
And CONGRATULATIONS on having a grandson! So exciting!

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