A Carpet of Golden Leaves

Do you remember yesterday I went for a walk in the cold and pouring rain?
Well I was looking through some of the pictures I took and I have to say some came out much better than I had hoped (despite having numb fingers from the cold!!)

I just love this time of the year - just look at all of these lovely golden colours.
There was a total carpet of leaves on the ground - mind you they didn't really go crunch more like squelch, lol.
I nearly fell on my butt a few times let me tell you :))

I've had a fairly lazy day today - which on one hand is quite good but on the other hand I feel I have wasted the day. 
I was going to go out with my camera but couldn't really work up the enthusiasm for it - shocking right!!!
 But  when I say lazy I was still the taxi driver for the girls, have done some cooking and cleaning (just a wee bit though). 
Hopefully I will be raring to go tomorrow!!!

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Glad you didn't fall and hurt yourself! I like being out in the rain, so long as it isn't raining too hard.
TexWisGirl said…
still a lot of pretty color, there. glad you didn't slip and fall!
Karen said…
What a lovely place to walk!
Buttons said…
Oh Ellie I love that first shot it could be here in the bush behind my house. Be careful don't fall. B
Bev said…
So pretty we have snow snow snow today
Sheila said…
The photo is so inviting , makes me want to go for a walk there :-) Hope tomorrow is a better day .
Claudia Moser said…
Great shot, love the colours!
Beautiful picture, a walk in the magic forest where trees can talk and fairies fly by. (I got a little carried away, your photo is a source of inspiration). :)
Emille said…
A stunning carpet of leaves! Makes me so want to take a walk in the forest (I live somewhere in L.A.!)...minus cold and rain, of course:)
Jeanne said…
We all need those little lazy days Ellie! Love your photo of this beautiful walkway with all of the trees and leaves, and so glad you did not fall on your .... butt... That would not be fun. Hugs from Texas
Robyn said…
Autumn is a beautiful time of year and your picture is lovely. The carpet of leaves and canopoy of tree branches is neat.

A lazy day ... yea for you!
I love the way the leaves form a canopy - very pretty! Wet leaves are very slippery, good thing you managed to not fall!
Rohrerbot said…
So beautiful.....I'd be a bit lazy with the camera as well on a walk like this. Gorgeous! I miss fall back home.
The photo is lovely. I agree fall is such a pretty time of the year.
Magia da Inês said…
°✿ Olá, amiga!

Passei para uma visitinha.
Amei a foto, amo as cores do outono.

Bom fim de semana!
Beijinhos do Brasil.°✿
Rose said…
Love this photo....everything seems so silent and still!
DIMI said…
Hallo Ellie!Beautiful picture!And lovely Autmmn colors!Wish you a happy November month and a lovely weekend!
Dianna said…
What an amazing photo. It just says "autumn"!
Nancy Claeys said…
I love these "walk down the path" photos and yours is spectacular Ellie.

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