A Post With No Pictures

Here I am - but with no picture!!!

It feels really strange doing a post with no picture. 

I wanted to thank everybody for commenting and offering solutions -  I really appreciated your help.
I haven't decided what to do about it yet.
 I didn't really want my blog to cost me money (although I know it's not much every month). 
I will need to get my thinking head on and come up with a solution :))

Well, Karen and Emma came home today at around mid afternoon.
 They had a great time visiting Laura and having their girly weekend. They had dinner out on Friday and then went onto Laura's place. 

Laura had got tickets for them to go to the cinema to see the new Twilight movie on Saturday (which they said was really good!!) but they were also going to watch all the other Twilight dvd's as well. 

Talk about overload :))  

The Christmas lights were being switched on in Dundee on Friday night and they watched a fireworks display from Laura's balcony which they said was really good.

They have come home really tired - probably up all night blethering (chatting) if I know my girls - I think they might get that from me, lol. 
But they came home happy and that's all that really matters!!!

So Danny and I had the house to ourselves all weekend which is a bit of a novelty for us.  Not that we did anything very exciting. We went and bought Emma a computer desk and drawer unit which Danny spent a lot of time putting together. 
Oh, I almost forgot we did open a bottle of champagne that we have had for a long time and enjoyed that after dinner on Saturday evening.

Anyway that's the weekend over once again. Time to start a new week. 
 I wonder what it will bring!!
Hope everybody has a great week.


TexWisGirl said…
glad your girls had a good, tiring, talk-out time. :)
Anne said…
Hi Ellie! I had the same problem! Open a flickr account. upload your photos and click on share, grab the html code and paste it into your blog post in html form not compose form.it worked for me last night.
eileeninmd said…
Sounds like your girls had a great weekend. Champagne and dinner sounds lovely too. Happy Sunday and have a wonderful week ahead.
busybusybeejay said…
Sounds as though the girls had a good weekend.Its great that they all get on well together.
it was 7x 45 piece jigsaws we did.I forgot the x!
Anonymous said…
Sounds like a real nice weekend had by all!

Marissa x
Lisa said…
Ellie, I'm going through the same thing! This happened to me about a year ago and I debated paying for more space or moving my blog to another site. I decided to pay because I didn't want to move everything when I had it set up just the way I liked it! And here we are a year later and it's (Blogger? Google?) doing it again. I did think about paying - but now you can no longer pay a flat fee (I think it was $9 for a year last time) but have to pay monthly.

So...long story short, I'm going to switch over to Wordpress.

Let me know what you decide to do. Good luck!
Cheryl said…
Sounds like your girls have a really lovely relationship. Have a good week. x
I've never heard of this problem - do you use blogspot? keep asking around it's amazing the knowledge one picks up along the way! hope it sorts out for you soon - lovely to hear from you anyway!!! keep on blogging even if it's without the photos
Mary oxo
Rohrerbot said…
Sounds like you all had a wonderful time. Can't go wrong with Champagne:) Hope you had a great weekend with everyone!
It's nice to have just 'us' time occassionally, isn't it. I really enjoy when my hubby and I can get away (and I mean away) and there is just the 2 of us to think about.
By the way , I enjoy your blog with or without the photos, so keep at it.

Kayla said…
I am still hoping now that the Thanksgiving holiday in the States is over that it will prove to be some glitch with blogger. Crossing my fingers anyway. I do not need another, albeit small, financial obligation!
Karen said…
Oh, I love champagne!!!

Every blogger account is allowed 1gb free space to store photos and video. Any photos that are 800x800 pixels or less are stored for free and you are allowed 15 minutes of video storage for free. Anything after that you have to pay for. So if you are using photos on your blog make sure the size of any photo is 800x800 pixels or less. You can check how much space you have used by checking your Picasa account which is automatically linked to your blog. My photo blog stores over 300 photos and I have only used 0.33mb of my 1 gb. That's because I don't store the original sized photo there, I resize them for the blog.

do let us know what you decide to do about the picture thing! i thought it was a little weird that THREE bloggers had mentioned they used up their space the same time as you! what a bummer.

anyway...sounds like a good weekend for all!
have a nice week.
Riet said…
Sounds tofu had agreat weekend. Love champagne
Debbie said…
how did you fit all of that in to 2 days???
It sounds like you girls had fun. I love your blog even without the pictures, but I hope you can find a solution. Take care!!
Sorry I have got a bit behind with my blogs and just read that you have a problem. I can only think that you use your photos at full size. I make my photos small(ish) and with 3 blogs going I have only used 6.5% of my maximum over 3 years!!
I looked at a flickr account just for interest and discovered I had to pay on that after a couple of months pictures so.....
Hope you get sorted out soon take care Diane

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