The Smoking Gate

The other morning day I was pottering around the house when Danny came in and said 
"Bring your camera I've got a great shot for you".  
Ok, I thought take me to it I'm always up for a good shot :))

Well it has been quite chilly and frosty here, but the sun had come as was shining on our gate (please excuse the very ugly gate). 
 And low and behold it was smoking - well steaming actually!!!

The sun was just peeping at the side of the house and added a little sparkle and shine to it :)

Thanks Danny :))

I thought I would update you all on my knitting, I'm working on a pram blanket for Laura's baby. 
Having not picked up a knitting needle for a very long time I thought I'd start with something fairly easy. Even so I have had to take back a few rows a couple of times because I've lost my way with the pattern.
I think I might have to spend more time concentrating on the knitting and not watching the TV at the same time, lol.

But I have to say it is coming along quite nicely and it is a lovely soft wool. 

And the best thing is I'm really enjoying getting into it.
Definitely a win win situation :))


Jill said…
Good Morning, Ellie! Very cool shot of your gate. You knitting is absolutely beautiful!!
Sandra said…
Oh! I love the pattern of the pram blanket for Laura's baby! It looks like a mixture of moss stitch and stocking stitch.

Kayla said…
That blanket is gorgeous! Like I said....go ahead and make me one in a grown up size! ;)
i LOVE your peeking sun shot!!
your baby blanket looks so soft & cuddly...and beautiful!!!!
Glad the gate is 'steaming' and not smoking!!!! Lovely pram blanket, looks too technical for me!! :)
Debbie said…
oooohhhhh danny, you have a great eye (i know you read the blog)!! ellie, not so shabby at taking the pictures. good team, i would say!!

love the blanket, the color, the stich pattern, it's sure to be a big hit and the baby's favorite.

made with lot's of love from grammy!!
Anonymous said…
:) I love old gates. it's an awesome photo with the steaming. the blanket looks so comfy, love the colour and the pattern. congratulations :) happy week ahead. xxo
Karen said…
Oh, a great shot! I'd say that baby blanket is going to be lovely Ellie!
TexWisGirl said…
that is really sweet - knitting and watching tv? i'd never make it.
Rose said…
Oh, Ellie...that shot of the gate is great. Hope people click it to see the bigger view. And I LOVE your knitting! So soft and pretty.
DIMI said…
Hallo Ellie!Nice shot!The blanket looks beautiful!I'm sure you're enjoing it like a new granmother!Wish you a lovely week my dear!
I love the blanket you are knitting. It looks like you are doing a great job. Also love the shot of the steam coming off the gate.
Ha ha love the smoking gate. You are energetic, I hate knitting but will happily crochet all day. Your work is gorgeous. Take care Diane
A lovely capture of the smoking gate Ellie.
EG CameraGirl said…
I love the blanket you are knitting! Gotta love it when someone else sees a photo op for you!
Pat MacKenzie said…
How lucky to capture the shot of the steaming gate. You're a good pair! Love your blanket. Everytime I see someone's knitting project I want to start one myself - every couple of years I get out my needles and do something small. The pattern on your pram blanket is lovely. I too knit while watching TV.
Bev said…
Great shot!! And I love love your blanket!!
Love the color of the yarn in the blanket.

And a "smoking gate" - how cool is that? :)

Happy Thursday to you!
Anonymous said…
Nice catch of the smoking gate. Your blanket is wonderful - it will be very special for Laura's baby.

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